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You can now watch the booktrailer of 'The Year of the Owl'!

After a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears, the booktrailer…

The autumn moodboard is online!

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Heroine's Journey

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Dutch bookpresentation 'The year of the owl' in retrospect (2)

This very cute little screech owl feels well at ease next to…

Dutch bookpresentation 'The year of the owl' in retrospect (1)

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English version of 'Het jaar van de uil' is ready!

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Summer moodboard is back!

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The Year of the Owl handed to Deepak Chopra!

Thursday 24 May 2018 Deepak Chopra, MD, bestselling author and…

Article in Marie Claire Magazine!

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Workshop 'Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality' in retrospect

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Last week I had the fotoshoot of Marie Claire Fashion Magazine!…

Last chance to enroll for the workshop: Magic of Manifestation!

On Sunday, April 15th, you can embark on a journey of discovery…

Renewed website!

These last couple of years, lots of things have happened in my…

Interview in regional newspaper De Limburger

Today, a short interview with me is published in regional newspaper…

Spreker tijdens de Bed Talks 2018 van The Student Hotel Maastricht

Op vrijdag 2 maart 2018 ben ik van 17.30 uur tot 18.15 uur een…

Beautiful assignment for philharmonie zuidnederland

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Royal attention for 'The year of the owl'!

I'm honored to receive this letter from the Secretary of Her…

Interview and fotoshoot for De Limburger

Just had an interview and fotoshoot for the Saturday magazine…

Interview with magazine Marie Claire

Just had an interview with magazine Marie Claire about my former…

Interview for magazine Marie Claire

On Monday the 5th of February 2018, I’ll be interviewed for…

I'm on Twitter!

You can now also find me on Twitter. Please check out @Pasca…

'The year of the owl' scores 5 stars in 22 reviews on!

Many thanks to all my readers who took the time to write…

4e deel ZOS radio interview online!

Op zondag 24 september 2017 zond ZOS radio het 4e deel van mijn…

3e deel ZOS radio interview online!

Op zondag 17 september j.l. zond ZOS radio het derde deel van…

Autumn moodboard is online...

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Article about gardentrends in Chapeau Magazine

In edition 3 2017  (June/July) of Chapeau Magazine you'll find…

DRIJFVEREN: interviews met succesvolle vrouwen en mannen over hun heilige vuur.

In het kader van een reeks interviews getiteld "DRIJFVEREN",…


You can win a signed book of ‘Het jaar van de uil’ when you…

Interview with Els Bruijnen for Regio Leudal TV

my interview is online on Regio Leudal TV! Check it out by clicking…

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30 December 2016- Flashback 2016

Here you see a chronological overview of the busy, beautiful and inspiring year 2016 that for me obviously was dominated by the start of my existence as freelancer but also of the writing and publication of my second book, ‘Het jaar van de uil’ (‘The year of the owl’).  This time I don’t do the overview in words, but in images. The pictures of the seasons give an indication of when the events happened.

I want to sincerely thank you, all my readers and listeners, for your attention and enthusiasm.

Enjoy the pictures and I’ll see you all in 2017!

21 December 2016

On the shortest day of the year it’s good to look back at some mediamoments of 2015. Here they are!

5 December 2016: 

Yesss…., !!! Several readers had asked me when the Ebook of ‘The year of the owl’ would be available. Well, it’s here now!!!

So I say: get it as soon as possible :-)))!


5 December 2016: a female reader of my book ‘The year of the owl’ gave me this present, so very sweet of her. Thank you so much Andrea, I’ll add this gift to the rest of my collection!


2 December 2016: appearance as a member of the panel in the live tv-programme ‘Avondgasten’, L1.

24 November 2016: special on miracles in magazine “Mijn Geheim” (“My secret”) with an interview about my second book “The year of the owl” that describes het magical experiences I had after the death of my father.

19 November 2016: 

Marga Miltenburg of Speakers Agency ‘Zij Spreekt’ (‘She Speaks’) shared the following on Facebook:

‘Pascale Bruinen wrote ‘The year of the owl’. A heart rending book in which an owl plays an important part. The bookpresentation was in Maastricht and I have posted a photo impression on  #ZijSpreekt…/1155-pascale-bruinen-en-het-jaar… …’

11 November 2016: tweet by Peter R. de Vries about ‘The year of the owl’:


30 October 2016: on this Sunday, the festive bookpresentation of Het jaar van de uil (The year of the owl) will be held from 4 pm until 6 pm in Boekhandel Dominicanen in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

It was an unforgettable afternoon with all my dear familymembers, friends and acquaintances around me, some even all the way from Catalonia! It was heartwarming to see how many people showed up.

Somewhat after four o’oclock, after a warm word of welcome from Ton Harmes – the owner of the b0okstore – the editor of Kosmos Annelies Nijboer makes a short but powerful speech. Her speech is really touching because she speaks about our pleasant cooperation and the beautiful result, my book.

After this, I start my speech and tell my personal story about the difficult period after my father died but also about the beautiful things that happened because of this sad event. In the middle of my speech I suddenly get pretty emotional when I refer to the moment that the law of attraction really showed itself to me with all its force. In the audience, I see several people that dab the tears from their eyes with a handkerchief…

After my speech I give the microphone to Egbert Brons, trainer/coach but also researcher in the art of creation. Especially because of this last quality, he is the right person to receive the very first book, that also describes the magic of manifestation. Egbert surprises everyone, me included, when he talks about the ‘Thirteen month calendar’; in this calendar, it is now the month of the ….owl! He also talks about more ‘coincidences’ and thereby affirms – again – the existence of the law of attraction. After Egbert is finished I expect Annelies to wrap up so I can start signing books, but to my surprise Han (my significant other) takes over the microphone.

He starts talking about what we have gone through together after the death of my father. He speaks beautifully but I start wonderen where this is leading to. Then he talks about my fascination for owls and asks me to step forward. He then hands me a big glove and asks me to put it on. In that moment, I realize that he has arranged a real owl! But it’s not one owl, but three! A big eagle owl, a little owl and a snowy owl. When I see these beautiful animals, I get very emotional. In the audience, I hear people gasp. The following moment Ad, the nice gentleman of the Animal Ambulance Zuid Limburg, puts the eagle owl on my arm. I look at this magnificent animal and cannot believe it. The owl turns its head and looks right at me with its big orange-yellow eyes. I am really happy when Ad tells me that I can pet the owl. Everywhere around me, people are filming and taking pictures. The next moment, the little owl is also on my arm. It is such a sweetie…

The eagle owl, named Bébé, will also fly through the bookstore, which in earlier days was a church. Ad releases the line and Bébé flies in an elegant arch to the end of the church, over the heads of all the people attending the presentation. It is an impressive sight. Bébé then is supposed to come back to Ad, but she (it’s a girl) decides otherwise. She flies to a different part of the church and lands on a big book about Taoism. Then she flies to a ledge high in the church and stays there… She then is in the Children’s Books corner, close to the Harry Potter books. In the end, someone has to come and get her with a ladder.

Bébé, this time safely held by Ad, and Sjengske the little owl then sit next to eachother on the table where I am going to sign the books. I am still pretty emotional about everything, but I am also a professional so I get to work :-).

Lots of books are sold, everyone had a great time in Maastricht…

For me it was an unforgettable experience, an emotional rollercoaster. A very big thank you to all the volunteers of the Stichting Dierenambulance Limburg Zuid that gave me this very special afternoon. You are the best!!!

20161030_152229 img_9032 img_3061 img_3230 img_3108 img_9113 img_9096 20161030_161658 img_3153 img_3175 img_3171 img_3234 img_9131 img_9086 img_9267

28 October 2016:  Saturday the 29th, is the publication of an interview with me in L-Magazine, the weekend magazine of De Limburger (regional newspaper). In this interview, I’m very frank about a lot of personal experiences.


 25 October 2016: my second book, Het jaar van de uil (The year of the owl)  was published on October 25th of 2016 (Kosmos Publishers).  Writing this book was indeed like an emotional rollercosterride because it deals with my transdormation process after the death of my father. This very sad time unexpectedly also led me on a path with lots of beautiful and unforgettable moments. Ultimately it culminated in a magical event that changed me forever. And because my father is the ’cause’ of all this, I honor him here with a picture of him in his younger years. Daddy, this one’s for you xxx


For more information, please see the “Writer” page.

420066Schermafbeelding 2016-07-30 om 11.18.03

October 14th, I’ll be a member of the panel in the live tv-show “Avondgasten” on L1 television Channel.

October 6th, my first blog on spirituality is published on the site of Chapeau Magazine. It is titel: “Goeroe op gympen. Het S-woord.”

In September 2016, I start writing blogs on the website of Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Dutch Association for Victims Rights) and Inspirerend In this month, I also wrote the interviews with three powercouples for edition nr 5 of Chapeau Magazine and my blog will be published in Info Magazine of Wonen Meerssen, a housing company. For more details, please visit my ‘Writer’ page. 

28 August 2016: today I did my very first interview to promote my second book, The year of the owl, for ZOS radio in Schiedam. In case you understand Dutch, you can listen by clicking this link:

24 August 2016: and just so you know what my bookcover would look like in English, here it is…


22 August 2016: the last mile is the longest….I’m finishing the very last loose ends of my manuscript and then it’s off to the printing company and to you, dear readers! Exciting stuff!!!

Afbeelding 3

15 July 2016: deadline for the manuscript of my second book, Het jaar van de uil (The year of the owl).

11 July 2016: lecture for the Studyclub of the Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (the Limburg Association of Employers) in Wellerlooi with the theme: ‘Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the job of a public prosecutor but were afraid to ask’.

 1 July 2016: presentation of the crowd-writing compilation “Onveranderd Anders” (“The same yet different”), the proceeds will be donated to the Limburg Toon Hermans Houses. The compilation will include my contribution “Voor altijd zusjes” (“Sisters for ever”).

27 May 2016, I will give a lecture for the “Vrouwen@wurfeld” sorority; the theme of the lecture will be “The power of slashing or: how do I responsibly build a parallel career?”

Friday 13 May 2016 I will serve as a juror at the finals of the National Criminal Lawyer Competition in Utrecht.

Afbeelding 63

Wednesday 16 March 2016 is when I start as a guest/’co-host’ on the TV Limburg TV show “Limburg Vandaag” (Limburg Today).


Friday 4 March 2016 is when I start as a panel member on the L1 live TV show “Avondgasten” (Evening Guests).

L1 Avondgasten 4-3-2016

L1 Avondgasten 4-3-2016

29 January 2016 is the deadline for the crowd-writing project “Onveranderd Anders” (“The same yet different”), a compilation that various Limburg writers and poets have contributed to free of charge, the proceeds of which will go to the Limburg Toon Hermans Houses for cancerpatients and their loved-ones.

Wednesday 27 January 2016: lecture for Kiwanis Aruba in Oranjestad, titled: “On the other side of fear lies freedom; a true story about following your heart and making your dreams come true”.

On 1 January 2016 I resigned from my job as public prosecutor because I wanted to follow my heart and focus on writing, giving lectures and inspring people to make the most of their lives.