The Year of the Owl handed to Deepak Chopra!

Thursday 24 May 2018 Deepak Chopra, MD, bestselling author and spiritual leader, gave a lecture in Afas Live Amsterdam entitled ‘The Healing Self’, based on his latest book. After his most interesting performance it was time for the meet & greet where he would sign his book. During this moment I handed him my book The year of the owl in the Dutch as well as the English version (which was ready that same afternoon, so just in time). The English version is still only available in A4 size paper (the search for a foreign publisher can begin only now that the whole manuscript is translated into English) but a milestone nonetheless! Deepak accepted both books gracefully and even thumbed through the English version.

Incidentally, Deepak himself is mentioned several times throughout the book because he has been a great source of inspiration during the whole transformation process. When I told him this, he had to smile.

Now it is up to the universe to decide what happens next. In any case, both books are now with Deepak. Given his busy travel schedule he’ll spend many hours on airplanes, so who knows, maybe he’ll read my book in one go during a flight :-).

I owe many thanks to Wesley Broekhoven of B-en Vertalingen (B-en Translations) in Rotterdam who has made a really wonderful English translation of my book, a great feat. Wesley, no one could have done this better than you, you’re a star!



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