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The last couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time reorganizing my website so that you, my dear reader, can find your way around even better than before. You’ll see that I’ve removed a lot of content and have added some new features. One of these new items is my blog that I’ll start soon. This blog has two different theme’s: the first theme is ‘well being’ and the second is ‘From desire to reality’, how to make your dreams come true.

My blogs on well being will share all my knowledge and experience about how to thrive, physically as well as mentally. In these blogs I’ll write about new and interesting scientific insights about health, longevity, dynamic aging and how to use your consciousness to steer your life and health in the most positive direction.

In my blogs ‘From desire to reality’ I’ll pass on my own experiences with the Law of Attraction. What is this exactly? What are the reasons why this law sometimes doesn’t (seem to) work? Here you can learn how to overcome your fears in order to finally take concrete steps in the direction of your dream, like I have done.

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Keep sparkling!


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