Here you’ll find weekly blogs (for now only in Dutch) about well being and how you can realize your dreams.

For many years now, I have been studying well being in the broadest sense. Now the time has come to share all my acquired knowledge and personal experiences on how to thrive and flourish, physically and mentally. For that reason, in my well being blogs I write about new, interesting and often surprising scientific insights on health and dynamic aging and on how to use your consciousness to steer your health and life in the most positive direction. The well being blogs will be published every Tuesday.

In my blogs ‘From Desire to Reality’ I write about my own experiences with the law of attraction, giving practical tips on how to not only dream about this new and exciting job, that trip around the world or starting your own business, but to actually realize your goals. From dreaming to doing! What is the law of attraction? What are the reasons why you still haven’t accomplished your goal in spite of all your hard work, good intentions and positive affirmations? And, even more important: How can you overcome your fears, negative thoughts and limiting convictions that are holding you back from living your best life? In these blogs, I’ll help you to get that steering wheel back into your own hands so you can finally live your dream, just like I do. The blogs ‘From Desire to Reality’ will be published each Friday, as a weekend inspiration.

I care deeply about both themes, since they are close to my heart.

Therefore I sincerely hope that my blogs will inspire you!

Keep sparkling!