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TV and podcasts



Unfortunately, most links to the mentioned interviews do not exist anymore.

8 October 2017

Interview ZOS Radio

1 October 2017

5th interview ZOS Radio

24 September 2017

4th interview ZOS Radio

17 September 2017

3rd interview ZOS Radio

10 September 2017

2nd interview ZOS Radio

3 September 2017

1 st interview ZOS Radio

28 August 2016

Interview ZOS-radio

12 January 2016

Interview De Nieuws BV van NPO Radio 1

5 January 2016

Interview NPO Radio 5  Open Hui

23 July 2015

Interview (with webcam) in NTR Academie, NPO Radio

22 March 2015

Live radio-interview in programma “De Stemming” van L1

15 March 2015

Interview ZOS Radio

30 January 2015

Radio-interview BNR Radio, “The Friday Move”, live

27 January 2015

Interview in De Nieuws BV, NPO Radio 1

(Online) newspapers and magazines

(Online) newspapers and magazines

Because the iconic magazine Harper’s Bazaar ‘enormously admires Pascale on account of the carreerpath she has chosen’, in the spring of 2015 Pascale was chosen as ‘Woman of the Week’, a start-up phase for the election of ‘Woman of the Year 2015’. With this election, Harper’s Bazaar pays hommage to women who have accomplished something special within their field of expertise. ‘Harper’s Bazaar honours and crowns national and international luminaries: Women who show vision, courage, engagement and style’. A great honor!

Afbeelding 10

With ten out of the fifty nominees there was a trailer recorded on the backseat of a very nice Mercedes, Pascale was one of the happy few. Editor-in-chief Cécile Narinx interviewed her about her career as a prosecutor. Please click on the play button below for the trailer or click on this link:

Afbeelding 13

Unfortunately, on December 14th 2015 Pascale did not win the Award for Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year 2015. Pascale: ‘I admit that my ego found this somewhat of a shame because when you’ve come that far, you also want to win. But I had to concede to the winner, actress Sophie Hilbrand for her tv-show ‘Sophie’s Wrinkles’ (‘Sophie in de Kreukels’). She is a justified winner!’

Knowing that Pascale was chosen by Harper’s Bazaar as a nominee together with world famous athlete Dafne Schippers, actresses Birgit and Katja Schuurman, actress and musical star Chantal Janzen, fashion icon Nikkie Plessen, actress Hanna Verboom, politician for animal rights Marianne Thieme and world class actress Carice van Houten, Pascale went back home with pride and her head held high.

So thank you very much, editor-in-chief Cécile Narinx of Harper’s Bazaar for this great honour and the unforgettable night!

In case you want to see more, please click on this link: .

Social Engagements

Social Engagements

12 November 2020

Attention for the foundation of the Academy for Selfrecovery (Academie voor Zelfherstel) and for Pascale’s new book, ‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’ (Selfrecovery from within. Optimize your health with your thoughts, feelings and convictions) that will be published on June 8th 2021 at AnkhHermes Publishers.

1 October 2020

Together with health scientist Ed Balg, Pascale has founded the Academie voor Zelfherstel, an online knowledge center for all scientifically proven zelfrecovery interventions.

Curious? Please check out the website!

27 January 2019

Today I participated in the Info Day in Kerkrade, organized by Lieky van der Velden. There were many stalls with interesting information regarding chronic illnesses and positive and uplifting ways to deal with them. It was a day full of nice conversations, useful contacts and even some sold books. All in all a day well spent! #liekyvandervelden #infoday  #positivehealth  #directyourownhealth #mindpower #mindbodyconnection #selfhealing

12 December 2018

From 8.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m. Pascale has had the honor to participate in De Droommachine (The Dreammachine) in De Grote Hegge in Thorn, an initiative of Joop Wolters, founder of PlekC. Together with 38 top entrepreneurs in Limburg  she experienced a day full of inspiration and connection. A day during which many a small and large dream was fulfilled. And a day full of emotion because she saw how much (com)passion still exists for fellow human beings. It was a day full of positive energy that will linger for quite some time.

18 September 2018

Today, a personal portrait of Pascale has been published in ‘Heroine’s Journey’, a beautiful and inspiring initiative to bring an homage to women who have chosen to do what they love best. Big thanks to Peter de Kuster who has approached Pascale for this!

NB: Picture had to be a selfie, in case you’re wondering  why there is such strange light etc. .

16 September 2018

Today Pascale had the privilege to attend a lecture by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Rotterdam.


23 April 2018

Networking dinner organized by Chapeau Magazine at Rebelle in Maastricht. Inspiring people and excellent food! Photographs courtesy of Chapeau Magazine, photographer Harry Heuts.

2 March 2018

Pascale is honored to be one of the speakers during the Bed Talks 2018 of the Student Hotel Maastricht, an initiative for making the world a better place. This now takes place in several locations in The Netherlands as well as in different European cities. During these talks, two inspiring people are matched to have a meaningful conversation while lying on a bed, visitors are of course more than welcome to listen. Pascale’s ‘bedpartner’ is  Sheila Oroschin, who is the founder of ‘The Masters’, an organisation that helps young people who are ‘different’ to discover and develop their talents.

18 October 2017

Pascale was a participant of the ‘Night of Journalism’ at the Daelhemergroeve in Valkenburg aan de Geul.

1 July 2016

Today the book “Onveranderd Anders” (Unchanged Changed) has been published, a crowdwritingproject of several writers and poets out of the province of Limburg, amongst whom yours truly. The proceeds go to the Toon Hermans Houses in Limburg, because they do so much beautiful work for cancerpatients and their loved ones. It has become a wonderful book that provokes smiles as well as tears. Just in style with the late Toon Hermans (a famous Dutch comedian and poet). Here you see Pascale with author Andrea Germeraad who took the initiative for this crowdfundingproject and made it a success. Pascale’s contribution to the book is a personal story entitled ‘Sisters for always’.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-01 om 10.46.07IMG_8960

7 March 2016

Today was the launch of the TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) edition of Chapeau Magazine. In this picture, Pascale’s standing next to the Russian artist Alexander Taratynov and his wife. A very successful evening!

Lanceringsevenement TEFAF editie Chapeau Magazine 7-3-2016. Naast mij de Russische kunstenaar Alexander Taratynov en zijn echtgenote.

14 December 2015

Gala Night of the Dutch Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year Award 2015. With this Award Gala, the iconic magazine honours ‘the world’s most remarkable women (…). Women with vision, guts, engagement and style. Game changers and pioneers.’ With the Woman of the Year Award, Harper’s Bazaar ‘brings an homage to women who have done something special within their field of expertise….’. Pascale is one of the nominees because Harper’s Bazaar has ‘enormous admiration for the careerpath’ that Pascale follows.

Looking back, it was a wonderful and memorable night, even though the Award eventually went to actress Sophie Hilbrand and well-deserved! And so Pascale returned home with her head held high, full of pride and gratitude to have been a part of this inspiring group of women.


26 October 2015

Charity gala for the Foundation of Challenge Day The Netherlands in Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam

Afbeelding 13

What is Challenge Day The Netherlands?

Challenge Day The Netherlands is a non-profit organisation that wants every child to live in a world where she can real safe, loved and cherished. The mission of Challenge Day is to give young people and their community experience-workshops and programmes that teach them the power of connection, appreciation of diversity, authenticity and self-expression.

It has a permanent impact because the Foundation offers life changing lessons and skills. The Foundation offers also a yearround programme that stimulates young people to change their schools in a positive manner. Next to this, also teachers are trained to support young people in their social and emotional health and development.

Challenge Day The Netherlands strengthens bonds.  It creates a community to which all young people and adults belong. Young people are also helped to learn not to judge and to be openminded towards others, especially towards those that are in any way ‘different’ (source:

During the charity gala of 26 October 2015 a lot of money was raised for this Beautiful cause. It was an honor for Pascale to be a part of this wonderful evening!