Pascale Bruinen has a compelling and beautiful story to tell about how you can live your dreams at age fifty!’ Emile Hollman, journalist and writer

‘Wonderful how Pascale has managed to link her own growth and personal development with professionality and her wish to make vulnerability a strength in the boardrooms and in the workplace. The way Pascale does this is intense, expressive and with a sparkle of humor and softness at the same time. Pascale may have given up her   magistrate’s robe, but she certainly has kept her unmistakable magnificent charisma.’ Danielle Braun – Corporate Antropologist, author, speaker and chief of the Academy for Organisation Culture

Pascale gives lectures both in Dutch and English and is registered at speaker agencies ZijSpreekt, Speakers Academy and Huibers Booking Agency (for further contact details, please see below).

Your dream life is closer than you think!

According to Pascale, nothing trumps inspiring people to pursue their dreams and make the most out of their lives! If you’d also like to do something that makes your eyes sparkle, Pascale is more than happy to help you realize this goal!


‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’

The lecture based on the book with the same title! 

This lecture shows you how big the influence is of your mindset on your health and longevity.

Pascale shares interesting scientific research that convincingly demonstratis that the saying ‘mind over matter’ is not only true, but can also be the starting point for more autonomy regering your own health.

Price: € 30,- (including taxes).

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

Positive aging – in Dutch

Pascale’s positive and thus fundamentally different view on getting older!  In our Western culture we’ve become conditioned to think that aging means physical and mental decline as well as loneliness. Suffice it to look at the saying: ‘Old age has its infirmities’. But what If this is not true per se?  What if there is also an alternative – more beautiful – future scenario to live towards?  A lot depends on what we believe and what we believe depends a lot on our conditioning, for instance through the emphasis on the negative effects of aging by the media and the medical world. In our Western society with a rapidly aging population, there is an ever growing group that can profit from a positive take on aging. In this lecture, Pascale shares scientific research as well as inspiring examples of old people that show that it is not only feasible to stay physically and mentally fit until old age, but that it is even possible to (partly) reverse aging. And by that she doesn’t mean plastic surgery, but positive lifestyle choices and an in-love-with-life mentality.

Price: € 30,- (taxes included)

Incompany: price to be agreed upon

What are you waiting for? Practical tips to realize your dreams – in Dutch!

We all know them. People who would like to get everything out of their lives that they possibly can but lack the courage to do so. At 50, Pascale has realized her dream of writing a book. At that time, she had been a public prosecutor for 17 years. Because by then she was infected with the writing virus, she decided to make a radical career switch at 52 in order to follow her heart. So on January 1st 2016, she exchanged her steady job for a completely new life as a writer and speaker.

Because Pascale knows like no other how happy one can become after taking a leap of faith, she loves to share her personal experiences, advice and tips about how she conquered the fears that held her back (yes, she also had them!) In this presentation she makes short shrift with all the stories and excuses, and teaches you how to successfully build a parallel career without financial risks.  This way, you’ll take concrete steps towards your new future in which you will (again) find passion, meaning and happiness in your life.

Price: € 30,- (taxes included)

Incompany: price to be agreed upon

The Year of the Owl: a journey from the head to the heart – in Dutch!

In this lecture, Pascale candidly tells her very personal story about her mourning process and total transformation after her father’s death, as described in her book The Year of the Owl. She shares how she of all people- being an accomplished and rational prosecutor who was averse to anything spiritual and who literally made a living having to prove everything beyond a shadow of a doubt – experienced an enchanting and magical occurrence that changed her whole life forever. Whereas first she would say ‘Seeing is believing’, ever since she has learned that it’s exactly the opposite: you first have to believe it, in order to subsequently see it.

Price: € 30,- (taxes included)

Incompanyprice to be agreed upon

Made to order

Naturally, depending on the client’s concrete wishes, a lecture tailored to specific requirements is also possible. All lectures can also be booked in the form of a workshop.

Are you interested in learning more about one of Pascale’s lectures or hiring her as a guest speaker, visiting lecturer, chairperson for the day or panel member? Then please send her an email via info@pascalebruinen.com or directly get in touch with one of the speaker agencies she’s registered with:

logo zijspreekt

ZijSpreekt, a speakers agency for female experts at conferences and in the media, contact person is Marga Miltenburg, +31653148796, info@zijspreekt.nl



Speakers Academy, tel. 010-4333322, https://www.speakersacademy.com/nl/spreker/pascale-bruinen/  mart@speakersacademy.nl

Review lectures

Reviews lectures

‘Lééf-tijd: gezond, vitaal en jeugdig oud(er) worden’

‘An inspiring lecture about aging healthy and vital aging with a lot of practical tips.’ – Yvonne & Jan-Willem

‘Very fine lecture with clear insights. Thanks!’– Frederiq Peters
‘As a healthy sixty something, this lecture has made me aware that there is much more possible than I thought. Pascale is a living and inspiring example of this!’ – Jeannine Pluim

‘I can highly recommend this lecture! Very informative and inspiring!’ – Anita Verstappen, Ondernemer Preventivio Vitaliteit in Organisaties

‘Your advice is priceless Pascale!’  – Esther Schoffelen, verloskundige
‘After attending this lecture I have put a lot of Pascale’s advice into practice! I already felt a whole lot younger when I went home afterwards!!!’ – Jacqueline P

‘I enjoyed this lecture tremendously. This week, I have already begon implementing her information and tips. Because who would not want to age youthfully?’  – Petra Habets

‘A journey from the head to the heart’

‘I listened to your story with a mixture of wonder and awe. Open, honest and especially authentic. A very special and inspiring story. Thanks!’  – Anique Staal, mindulnesscoach bij Belle Vie

‘Thanks Pascale; your story gave a boost to my awareness, personal leadership and living my best life!’ Herma Westenberg, marketeer, eigenaar van Merk je Merk

‘This came straight from Pascale’s heart. She knows how to communicate the essence of transformation to her audience.’ – Anita Verstappen, vitaliteitsexpert & bedrijfscoach, oprichter van PreventiVIO en eigenaar van Puur en Balans

‘Such a powerful woman with an unbelievable story! Her story was and is pure, she knows how to touch your heart and keeps you riveted until the very last moment…I even had to cry!’  – Vivian Heuberger, Eigenaar cateringbedrijf AdventureCook en mede-organisator Pluk de Ochtend event.

‘You’ve touched and inspired me enormously!’, Toos Hofstede, owner of Communication Agency Via Story.

‘Very well done Pascale! You’ve again touched me deeply with your authentic story, self-reflection and humor.’ Cècely Loontjens

‘Beautiful to listen to your story from the heart…’. Suzanne Roomberg

‘So nice that you shared your story with us, Pascale!’ Maud Walkowiak

‘Thank you for your openness and your authenticity! Food for thought!’ Doriënne Plum

‘Pascale did a lecture at the New Year’s event of Van Ede & Partners in Eindhoven in which she shared her journey from rational public prosecutor to spiritual writer and inspirer. She sure knew how to touch me with her story and the way she told it. A beautiful experience to not only hear but also feel her development. She was authentic, open and warm.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! ‘ Cora van de Put, mediator, coach, intervision counselor at CouR Consult

‘Pascale’s lecture was really riveting and inspiring. She shared how she – as a rational human being – learned to embrace spirituality. An exciting, personal and convincing story. A lot op people are averse to spirituality, but she talks in such a way that even these people listen breathlessly. Worth repeating! Superb!’ Henri-Jan Staal

‘Pascale takes you with her on her special journey, one that doesn’t happen in the outside world, but is a trip from the head to the heart. And as with every unforgettable adventure, she experiences excitement, big challenges, confusion, an abyss of fear and sorrow but also surprising insights, ideas and encounters that are extraordinarily beautiful. In her lecture she talks animatedly and with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor about her search for pureness, connection and the true self she really is. About how a touching event rocks her life so hard, that her legal head becomes a beautiful spiritual heart. I recommend this lecture to anyone who finds himself at an ‘intersection’ and really dares to choose for himself!’ Yvonne Kemp

‘Pascale Bruinen talks openly about how she made the switch from public prosecutor – who had to prove everything in order to be true –  to spiritual writer – for whom everything is true until proven otherwise. A search for herself, meaning and Connection between people, nature and which part she plays therein. The story about the owl really touched me. Pascale shows that the story comes from her deepest self, there is room for emotion without becoming overbearing. That’s why she’s able to touch people deeply, without losing sight of the storyline. The journey from the head to the heart is a story for everyone, a true inspiration for many!’ Bianca van Kaathoven

‘By her vivid descriptions of her feelings and the context in which these feelings take place, Pascale sure knows how to take her audience with her. In the moment that Pascale spoke of feeling closed off or the feeling that she was missing something, I could really relate to that. The 45 minutes of her presentation passed very quickly, and I was very touched by her story of the beautiful owl in the tree of her garden. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Pascale because she shared her experiences and her emotions with me. My sincere compliments  for the way you do this, Pascale!’ Robert Betsch, Forza Asset Management

‘Het roer om: hoe ik van een strenge officier van justitie een kwetsbare schrijver werd’ (“Changing course: how I went from being a tough public prosecutor to a vulnerable writer”)

“Apart from your workexperiences your personal story really touched me. You’re not afraid to show your vulnerability and that makes you strong”. Vera Kicheleer, Bizzpepper

“I have listened to your story with full attention. I really think it is very courageous that you have dared to make these choices in order to follow your dream. We all have our dreams but only few of us will dare to make the choice you made. That deserves my respect and shows you’re a woman of courage. Your story was very clear with nice visual support and straight from the heart. I’m also very curious about your second book, the journey after the death of your father. I think you are on the right track and you do everything with a lot of passion and conviction. Respect!”  Vivian Mengelers, director V2B Advice and Consultancy

“Interesting story that captivates. I clearly see your point: dare to be vulnerable (also as a strong woman) and dare to make your dreams come true! ” Pauline Smeets, Concerndirector Zorgbedrijf Volwassenen bij GGZ-instelling Mondriaan. President of FAM! 

‘Een frisse wind uit andere hoek’ (‘A breath of fresh air from a different quarter’), a lecture for 600 care workers at the Planetree Conference in Nieuwegein. A presentation about the importance of having the courage to embrace vulnerability, which Pascale illustrated with examples drawn from her experiences as an injury lawyer, public prosecutor and author.

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-24 om 20.08.31spreker

“Touched by Pascale Bruinen’s story at the ‘Planetree’ conference for people oriented care. Pascale beautifully links her own growth and personal development to professionalism and the desire to make vulnerability the dominant force in boardrooms and in the work space. Pascale does this in an intense, expressive way, with a sparkle of both humour and softness. Even though Pascale has given up wearing her black robe, she has retained her unmistakeable magisterial charisma.” Danielle Braun – Corporate Anthropologist, author, speaker and Chief of the Academy of Organisational Culture

“What you told us was both interesting and inspirational, Pascale. Thank you for that!” Klaas-Jan Gorter

“Thank you for the inspiring words!” Monique Majoor, Technical Support Manager at Zorggroep Almere

‘On the other side of fear lies freedom; a true story about following your heart and making your dreams come true’, organised by Kiwanis Aruba, Oranjestad.


“Gripping story, good introduction.”; “Inspiration for following my own passion.”; “Such courage, impressive.”; “Outstanding, keep up the good work!!”; “We need more people like you to tell us how to follow our heart.”; “Very good story, how do I do that?”; “I wish it was me, having the guts to just jump in at the deep end.”

“I thought it was a fascinating and topical subject. Well-presented and well-told. A theme that we all will have to deal with. How honest are you in the choices that you make? What obstacles do you make up instead of taking the bull by the horns and moving on to plan, do, check, act. I really learned a lot and will get to work. Thank you Pascale!” Marjory Clark, chairperson Kiwanis Aruba.

What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true’

“An inspiring evening hosted by a lively, ambitious young woman who told us her story of how, after several years of doubt, she eventually found the courage to change the course of her life. She started pursuing her passion of writing in addition to her career as a public prosecutor by writing blogs and a column in a local newspaper and publishing a book. Her advice was, if you have a dream, don’t wait until it’s too late, but follow your feelings and your passion. That’s the road to success. Life is too short! Try before you die! She did however remark that in order to really change your life, you really need some form of financial security if you’re not just responsible for yourself but also for a family, house, etc. Pascale for instance was able to combine her passion with her judicial job. All in all an absolutely inspirational evening that sparked quite a bit of self-reflection. Highly recommended!” Vivian van Thoor, Member of De Landen van Overmaze

“Reading your book “Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers” gave me answers to many questions surrounding your (former) profession. How you, as a wife and a mother, experienced a role as public prosecutor. How you assist victims, often with the interest of the children in mind. Particularly because of my job, caring for vulnerable children, you piqued my interest. But to me, the many answers you gave prompted a crucial question about you. How do you in this brutal world deal with your own dreams. I was fortunate to be in a position to attend one of your lectures, “What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true.” A lecture that provided great insight in how to realize your own dream, and that came with inspiring tips. Just like with your book, I have again soaked up your experiences. And your tips. You have succeeded…it has have given me food for thought. Next year, I’ll let you know how far I’ve come!” Thea Coolen, Manager Ronald McDonald Kindervallei

Click here to see the trailer of my lecture “Get Inspired!”:



Pascale teaches her work via individual and group workshops. Usually, they are in Dutch. But on special request, Pascale is also able to do lectures and workshops in English.

Live and online

Pascale gives her workshops and individial Mind Boost Sessions in the beautiful serenity of yogastudio Yoga & More Maastricht. You can book these Mind Boost Sessies now also as online sessions. The inspiration session for entrepreneurs entitled ‘Drijfveren’, a cooperation with vitality professional Anita Verstappen and visual artist Claudia Volders, takes place in Maastricht of its surroundings.


You can also book Pascale for incompany workshops. Need more information? Contact Pascale via info@pascalebruinen.com!

Images of yogastudio Yoga & More Maastricht:

Mental Management: Mind Boost Sessions. Learn how to use mental imagery!

Pascale also gives individual workshops for people who are interested in these subjects but are not able to come on the scheduled dates or who’d rather not attend a group workshop. These individual workshops might be especially interesting for people who are having (serious) medical issues. Maybe you are currently undergoing some kind of (invasive) medical treatment, facing surgery or dealing with a difficult diagnosis and you no longer want to live in fear but instead want to achieve a higher level of confidence and a steadfast belief in a speedy recovery. Or you’d like to learn how to do successful affirmations and visualizations in order to experience less stress, less pain and less side effects of your medication or treatment, stimulate your immune system and enhance your overall quality of life. Then Pascale’s  Mind Boost Sessions could be just the thing for you! Pascale is an expert in this field because of her own experiences in using meditation, affirmations and visualisations to positively influence her health as well as her recovery and painmanagement after a major surgery.

Should you be interested in such an individual Mind Boost Session, please contact her via info@pascalebruinen.com and together we’ll check out the possibilities.

Please note: Mind Boost Sessions are also in English.

For a more complete overview of Pascale’s workshops, please scroll down.

Workshop ‘Zelfherstel van Binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’

The workshop based on the book with the same title! 

This group workshop (earlier called: Gedachtekracht Basis) teaches you how much influence your mindset has on your health and longevity.

Explore the intensive mind-body connection, the placebo-effect, the nocebo-effect, the feedback loop, neuroplasticity of your brain and the biological effects of meditation, affirmations and visualizations.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- (including taxes).

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

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Zelfherstel van binnenuit: Individual Mind Boost Sessions 


Based on the book with the same title! 

Boost one-on-one your belief in the best possible outcome and a fast recovery and let the selfhealing capabilities of your body do their job!

Individual Mind Boost Sessies are based on Pascale’s extensive study of scientific research of the effects mindset has on the body and on her own experience.

They are especially suitable for people with (serious) medical problems who are looking for optimal trust in the best possible outcome. Maybe you have to undergo a difficult medical treatment or you’re waiting for surgery. Or you could be dealing with a serious diagnosis and you do not want to live in fear but you’d rather have a deep belief in healing and speedy recovery.

In a personal Mind Boost Session Pascale can focus on your unique situation so that you can learn what you can do to boost your confidence and become your own placebo.

Prices: both live and online sessions include a free intake by phone, customized images to use for visualization purposes and customized affirmations.

Live: € 125,- including taxes per hour. The sessions on location are – of course coronaproof – at Yogastudio Yoga & More in Maastricht.

Online: € 95,- including taxes per hour.  

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Workshop ‘Leren Visualiseren!’ 

In this practical group workshop you’ll learn the principles of visualization and how to apply them yo your everyday life in order to become healthier and to easier attain your goals.

Pascale also shares her own remarkable experiences with visualization when she was waiting to have surgery. She managed to prepare herself in such a way that she has not needed any kind of pain medication afterwards. She has also recovered very quickly.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- including taxes and a free set of four different visualizations to do at home.

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

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Workshop Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality

In this group workshop (formerly entitled: Gedachtekracht Pro) you’ll explore the magic of manifestation: how something that starts out as a deep desire, eventually manifests in your everyday life. You’ll get to know the law of attraction and learn how to make it work for you. You’ll also become aware of the obstructions that can present themselves when you go in the direction of your dream and how to bypass those. And you’ll be getting acquainted with some principles of quantum physics like non-locality, the observer effect and the invisible field of infinite possibilities.

After this workshop you’ll be able to apply the principles of the law of attraction and, by doing so, make your dream come true.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- including taxes and a free copy of Pascale’s book ‘Het jaar van de uil’.

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

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Workshop ‘MOTIVES’ – IN DUTCH!

Pascale organizes a ‘Morning of Inspiration’ (in Dutch) for entrepreneurs together with vitality expert Anita Verstappen (PreventiVIO) and visual artist Claudia Volders. During this morning, entrepreneurs are invited to reflect on their core values and deepest motives in an informal, cosy and stylish setting. Why are they doing what they are doing? What makes them happy? In what way can they put even more of their heart and soul into their company? For inspiration, Anita, Claudia and Pascale will share their journeys from the head to the heart.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 130- including taxes.

Coaches: Anita Verstappen, Claudia Volders, Pascale Bruinen

Know more

Made to fit

Of course Pascale can also customize a group or private workshop (for those who don’t want to be in a group) to fit your special needs. In order to find out the possibilities, please contact her via info@pascalebruinen.com

Get in touch

Reviews workshops

Reviews Workshops

Reviews individual Mind Boost Sessions: 

‘We did an individual Mind Boost Session with Pascale. It was very much worth it and had not only helped us during a very trying time, but surely also afterwards. Pascale stays with both feet firmly on the ground, implements the techniques also to herself and demonstrates that her knowledge is based on extensive scientific research. The power of the mind-body connection should get much more attention. How you think determines everything in your life. Thank you Pascale!’  – Yvonne en Jan-Willem

‘During my Mind Boost Session Pascale passionately explained the power of consciousness en how this can help you to, in my case, support your body as well as possible in order to heal itself. From this perspective, Pascale gave me several highly practical tools to train my own consciousness with affirmations and visualizations.’ – Jany Veldhuis.

Reviews workshop Gedachtekracht Basis:

‘Thanks for the very captivating, highly inspiring workshop! Such interesting subjects that you managed to explain very clearly. Compliments, deep respect for you! Yesterday evening I immediately put your advice into practice and it worked!’– C.T.

‘The workshop taught me how to change negative thoughts into positive ones and why I should do this. Now this is something I apply every day. The influence of the mind on the body is huge, in my study at medical school I don’t learn hardly anything about this very important subject. Pascale could teach many medical student and doctor a whole lot!’ – Daphne Vaassens, medical student

Reviews workshop ‘Leren Visualiseren’:

‘Pascale knows how to teach you the principles of visualization and gives practical advice.  The active way in which you cooperate with the other participants is very nice. I am a fan!’– Esther Schoffelen, verloskundige

Reviews workshop Gedachtekracht Pro:’

‘I am impressed with the subject of this workshop and the way in which you have taught us about the energy of thought power. Pascale does a very good job of connecting all participants and in this way, there soon was a huge amount of trust in the group. Thanks to your clear and knowledgable way of explaining the subject, thought power now has become an obvious reality for me. The exercise was brilliant, what an experience! Very recommendable!’– Thea Coolen, managing director Ronald McDonald Kindervallei 

‘What a privilege to know you and to attend your third workshop! With your tools, I work on my wellbeing, every single day. Your academic background is the basis for your scientific explanation of the law of attraction. Thanks Pascale!’– C.T.

Reviews D R I J F V E R E N (Motives), inspiration session for entrepreneurs (together with vitality professional  Anita Verstappen and visual artist  Claudia Volders):

‘It was a great experience and it has shaken up my views a lot. Thanks!’ – Linda

‘What an exceptionally nice experience! Thanks Anita Verstappen, Claudia Volders and Pascale Bruinen for your unique mix of insights, motives, knowledge and qualities.’ – Emilie Groot

Reviews workshop ‘Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality‘ 

‘Marielouise and I like to thank you for this educational and inspiring workshop. The day was very interesting and full of variety. According to me, this subject is not being offered anywhere else (and I have had the opportunity to go to many workshops and courses). So again, thank you very much! We’d like to give you a compliment for the way in which you have managed this wonderful day!’ -Henny Walpot-Smeets

‘For me, this workshop was a next step in the development of my personal path. My life – that sometimes was somewhat ‘asleep’ – was awakened and thanks to new insights and other stories I had new food for thought! Ever since this workshop, I notice that I try to be even more consciously aware of these subjects, also because of the fact that they are very intriguing! I am very curious to read the new books on the list of suggested literature, because in this way I get new angles every time. Thanks so much for your inspiring workshop!’ -Martine van Selst-van Duurling

‘The workshop ‘Magic of Manifestation’ by Pascale Bruinen for me came at precisely the right time. Because of all kinds of troubles, tensions and physical complaints, I had been  feeling very low for a long time. I didn’t feel like doing fun things and the downward spiral seemed to get the upper hand. At the last moment, I applied for this workshop. It soon turned out to be an excellent decision. A warm welcome awaited us in a cosy and relaxen environment. Pascale took us on a trip through our minds. Our overkill of negative thoughts and a chronic lack of a positive mindset. Alarming, especially when you hear that the influence of these negative thoughts reaches way further than just ‘not feeling well’. However, this negative mindpower fortunately can be changed to a positieve mindpower. It was an informative and inspiring day full of wonder about what you can achieve with your power of mind.
When I went home after the workshop, I immediately and full of confidence started to put into practice what I had learned and convinced myself that I would feel great the next day. And indeed, the day after I really felt, for the first time in months, good: the physical complaints that had bothered me daily for weeks are gone. Tensions and troubles had vanished. Not only the next morning, but also now, two weeks later.
Now I am ready for the next step in the manifestation of my wishes. Thank you so much, Pascale, for your vision and your wisdom. I will surely attend your next workshop!’ -Monique

‘This workshop has a very promising title, that also really captures the spirit of the day. Pascale told her story about positive energy and strength with a lot of passion and pleasure. How can you use these consciously? I learned how I can make my most beautiful dreams come true and even made a mental trip to my deepest wish, which I saw vividly in my mind. A wonderful moment that I cherish. I went home beaming, full of beautiful energy with a big smile on my face ánd with practical tools that I already use every day!’ -Bernice

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Yes, what is it that we are waiting for anyway? Everyone has a wish or a dream, small or big, which one wants to see fulfilled. And yet most people don’t even take a first step to realise their dream although life is short and vulnerable. So why don’t we act to change jobs, make this trip around the world or start our own business? The answer? Because we let ourselves be ruled by limiting thoughts – fed by fear – that keep us from leading our best lives. That’s why, in Pascale’s lectures and workshops, she takes you with her in the wonderful world of thought, because that is where all begins and ends. All your thoughts, conscious and subconconscious, pave the way of life you now follow and have brought you to this very moment here and now. This is exactly how the universal law of nature, the Law of Atttraction, works: every subject you focus on, expands and attracts like subject. When you realise this, you become aware that you should preferably think about what you welcome into your life (perfect Health, your dreamjob, a well filled bankaccount) and not about what you don’t want. Or worse, what you are afraid of (terrible discases, being fier, bitter poverty).
In case you finally feel ready to: escape a life that just continues to float numbly in the status quo, break the negative spiral or really take concrete steps toward making your dream come true? Then consider booking Pascale for a lecture or workshop via info@pascalebruinen.com.
‘Speech is a window on the soul’