Because people around me often tell me that a well-chosen remark I made or a column I wrote has got them thinking, or inspired them to take a new step on the road to greater happiness, I would also like to do this for a greater audience via my web site.

The verb to inspire comes from the Latin verb “in spirare“, which literally means to blow into or breathe into. However, the Latin word “spiritus” also stands for ‘soul’. So in a figurative sense, to inspire means to breathe soul into someone or in other words, to animate. Here you will find everything that inspires me and that I would love to share with you! It can be a minor thing, like a touching photograph, but also something major, like for instance a story about someone who changed their life around.

I, myself, am a prime example of the latter category; after nearly 18 years as a public prosecutor I quit my job on 1 January 2016 to focus on my career as a writer, speaker and other activities. In other words, a full-blown career change. I can tell from the reactions I get from family, friends and colleagues that there are many people who would love to follow their heart, but have not (yet) found the courage to do so. Fear – for instance fear of the unknown, failure, financial difficulties – is always a bad counsellor. I was no exception in having to face this many-headed monster, but eventually I found a way that allowed me to make my dream come true.

In my lectures I give practical tips based on my own experiences that show you how you too can work on a parallel career in a sensible (so low-risk) manner in addition to your regular job. From time to time, I will give advice on this subject on this page as well.

So read on and be inspired!

You can also check out this video clip of ‘I want you to have it all’ by Jason Mraz, this is an excellent summary of my life vision regering this subject!

Visit of His Holiness The Dalai Lama to The Netherlands

His Holiness The Dalai Lama visited Rotterdam today, Sunday 16 September 2018 and I had the rare privilege to hear him speak on the theme of ‘Why compassion is essential in our troubled world.’

It was an extremely inspiring, sometimes hilarious (His Holiness has a great sense of humor) and unexpectedly also very emotional morning (complete with goosebumps and glistening eyes), listening to one of the most important spiritual leaders of our time. His Holiness’ message of sharing kindness and compassion resonated deeply with me. In a packed Ahoy stadium you could literally feel the positive energy radiating from the stage into the audience and spread like a wildfire, enveloping everyone in a warm and loving embrace. Suddenly, I genuinely couldn’t understand why anyone is at war with anyone else since we are all humans and we are all physically, mentally and emotionally alike.

His Holiness stressed that it is very important to educate everyone but especially our children on the importance of the inner life so as to teach them selflessness and compassion for themselves and others.

I couldn’t agree more.

This Sunday morning in the presence of The Dalai Lama (and let’s not forget Richard Gere, who is the chairman of the International Campaign for Tibet and who did a live interview with His Holiness) was truly unique and unforgettable.


Close encounter of the owl kind

On my way to a Tai Chi lesson in the park, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this:

Of course, I had to investigate it in all kinds of ways:

It obviously had been made very recently because the wood still smelled sooooo good, kind of sweet and, well, you know, woody.

And yes, it IS a pretty big owl too (although I am not exactly very tall).

All in all, this close encounter of the owl kind made me very happy :-))).

Pictures courtesy of Monique Gilissen

Taking a moment for myself…

Sometimes you just have to consciously take some time for yourself.

I think it’s always important to show some attention to details concerning form and colour.

This colourful little scene makes me feel joyous and happy!

Do you also allow yourselves such a moment?


The power of (negative) thinking…

So nice to receive a reaction from Deepak Chopra!

Will this image be a rare sight during Dutch winters to come?

A dash of color…

Just because it’s a grey day outside and I feel the need for some colors…

This one speaks for itself…

No greater gift

“There is no greater gift that you can give or receive than to honor your calling”

– Oprah Winfrey

Awesome autumn…

Awesome autumn…Let’s all be quietly thankful for all the beauty that our trees, plants and flowers have given us so generously these past spring- and summer months. They now are entitled to rest, in order to save  their strengths so in five months time, they can again enchant us with their blossoms.

Listen to your heart

A good friend made this especially for me. So touching but I also hope the text may be an inspiration to others. The text on the left reads: “Listen to your heart because that is right”.

The text below reads:

“Dear Pascale,
Follow your heart, the words you said to me and that you have acted upon. Listen to your heart and do that which makes you happy. For you this is writing. You’ve also given this advice to me, which gave me the courage to indeed follow my heart.

Dear Pascale, I hope you will inspire many other people to follow their feelings and I hope that you’ll write many new beautiful books.”

Always let your heart speak out…

Let’s celebrate autumn!

Always make time to read a good book!

I don’t know whether this picture in itself is very inspring, but it is at least very true for me…You should always make time to read a good book. And that’s indeed an inspiring thought, I hope. :-))

So true…

Find the courage

to celebrate those intensely joyful moments even though we’ve convinced ourselves that savoring happiness is inviting disaster. -Brené Brown

Follow my writing!

“There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration.”