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Because the iconic magazine Harper’s Bazaar ‘enormously admires me on account of the carreerpath I have chosen’, in the spring of 2015 I was chosen as ‘Woman of the Week’, a start-up phase for the election of ‘Woman of the Year 2015’. With this election, Harper’s Bazaar pays hommage to women who have accomplished something special within their field of expertise. ‘Harper’s Bazaar honours and crowns national and international luminaries: Women who show vision, courage, engagement and style’. Noble characteristics indeed!

Afbeelding 10

With ten out of the fifty nominees there was a trailer recorded on the backseat of a very nice Mercedes, I was one of the happy few. Editor-in-chief Cécile Narinx interviewed me about my carreer as a prosecutor. Please click on the play button below for the trailer or click on this link:

Afbeelding 13

Unfortunately, on December 14th 2015 I did not win the Award for Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year 2015. I admit that my ego found this somewhat of a shame because when you’ve come that far, you also want to win. But I had to concede to the winner, actress Sophie Hilbrand for her tv-show ‘Sophie’s Wrinkles’ (‘Sophie in de Kreukels’). She is a justified winner!

It was very special to be able to have such a great Night. Festively decorated location (Posthoornkerk), Royal Visitor (Princess Marilène), Famous Dutch People (actress Marjolein Keuning, comedian Sanne Wallis de Vries, the legendary talkshow host Sonja Barend – who also got the Lifetime Achievement Award), presenter Sylvana Simons and artist  Ans Marcus, to name a few), delicious food, nice company and a wonderful and touching musical performance of  singer Wende Snijders (who did a fantastic David Bowie cover of ‘We could be heroes’) and harp player Lavinia Meijer (the last two were also nominees).

Great was the fact that Cécile Narinx showed the public a compilatie of the recorded interviews:

Knowing that I was chosen by Harper’s Bazaar as a nominee together with world famous athlete Dafne Schippers, actresses Birgit and Katja Schuurman, actress and musical star Chantal Janzen, fashion icon Nikkie Plessen, actress Hanna Verboom, politician for animal rights Marianne Thieme and world class actress Carice van Houten, I went back home with pride and my head held high.

So thank you very much, editor-in-chief Cécile Narinx of Harper’s Bazaar for this great honour and the unforgettable night. It was a real pleasure!

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