Listen to your heart

A good friend made this especially for me. So touching but I also hope the text may be an inspiration to others. The text on the left reads: “Listen to your heart because that is right”.

The text below reads:

“Dear Pascale,
Follow your heart, the words you said to me and that you have acted upon. Listen to your heart and do that which makes you happy. For you this is writing. You’ve also given this advice to me, which gave me the courage to indeed follow my heart.

Dear Pascale, I hope you will inspire many other people to follow their feelings and I hope that you’ll write many new beautiful books.”

Always let your heart speak out…

Let’s celebrate autumn!

Always make time to read a good book!

I don’t know whether this picture in itself is very inspring, but it is at least very true for me…You should always make time to read a good book. And that’s indeed an inspiring thought, I hope. :-))

So true…

Find the courage

to celebrate those intensely joyful moments even though we’ve convinced ourselves that savoring happiness is inviting disaster. -Brené Brown