Reviews Workshops

Reviews individual Mind Boost Sessions: 

‘We did an individual Mind Boost Session with Pascale. It was very much worth it and had not only helped us during a very trying time, but surely also afterwards. Pascale stays with both feet firmly on the ground, implements the techniques also to herself and demonstrates that her knowledge is based on extensive scientific research. The power of the mind-body connection should get much more attention. How you think determines everything in your life. Thank you Pascale!’  – Yvonne en Jan-Willem

‘During my Mind Boost Session Pascale passionately explained the power of consciousness en how this can help you to, in my case, support your body as well as possible in order to heal itself. From this perspective, Pascale gave me several highly practical tools to train my own consciousness with affirmations and visualizations.’ – Jany Veldhuis.

Reviews workshop Gedachtekracht Basis:

‘Thanks for the very captivating, highly inspiring workshop! Such interesting subjects that you managed to explain very clearly. Compliments, deep respect for you! Yesterday evening I immediately put your advice into practice and it worked!’– C.T.

‘The workshop taught me how to change negative thoughts into positive ones and why I should do this. Now this is something I apply every day. The influence of the mind on the body is huge, in my study at medical school I don’t learn hardly anything about this very important subject. Pascale could teach many medical student and doctor a whole lot!’ – Daphne Vaassens, medical student

Reviews workshop ‘Leren Visualiseren’:

‘Pascale knows how to teach you the principles of visualization and gives practical advice.  The active way in which you cooperate with the other participants is very nice. I am a fan!’– Esther Schoffelen, verloskundige

Reviews workshop Gedachtekracht Pro:’

‘I am impressed with the subject of this workshop and the way in which you have taught us about the energy of thought power. Pascale does a very good job of connecting all participants and in this way, there soon was a huge amount of trust in the group. Thanks to your clear and knowledgable way of explaining the subject, thought power now has become an obvious reality for me. The exercise was brilliant, what an experience! Very recommendable!’– Thea Coolen, managing director Ronald McDonald Kindervallei 

‘What a privilege to know you and to attend your third workshop! With your tools, I work on my wellbeing, every single day. Your academic background is the basis for your scientific explanation of the law of attraction. Thanks Pascale!’– C.T.

Reviews D R I J F V E R E N (Motives), inspiration session for entrepreneurs (together with vitality professional  Anita Verstappen and visual artist  Claudia Volders):

‘It was a great experience and it has shaken up my views a lot. Thanks!’ – Linda

‘What an exceptionally nice experience! Thanks Anita Verstappen, Claudia Volders and Pascale Bruinen for your unique mix of insights, motives, knowledge and qualities.’ – Emilie Groot

Reviews workshop ‘Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality‘ 

‘Marielouise and I like to thank you for this educational and inspiring workshop. The day was very interesting and full of variety. According to me, this subject is not being offered anywhere else (and I have had the opportunity to go to many workshops and courses). So again, thank you very much! We’d like to give you a compliment for the way in which you have managed this wonderful day!’ -Henny Walpot-Smeets

‘For me, this workshop was a next step in the development of my personal path. My life – that sometimes was somewhat ‘asleep’ – was awakened and thanks to new insights and other stories I had new food for thought! Ever since this workshop, I notice that I try to be even more consciously aware of these subjects, also because of the fact that they are very intriguing! I am very curious to read the new books on the list of suggested literature, because in this way I get new angles every time. Thanks so much for your inspiring workshop!’ -Martine van Selst-van Duurling

‘The workshop ‘Magic of Manifestation’ by Pascale Bruinen for me came at precisely the right time. Because of all kinds of troubles, tensions and physical complaints, I had been  feeling very low for a long time. I didn’t feel like doing fun things and the downward spiral seemed to get the upper hand. At the last moment, I applied for this workshop. It soon turned out to be an excellent decision. A warm welcome awaited us in a cosy and relaxen environment. Pascale took us on a trip through our minds. Our overkill of negative thoughts and a chronic lack of a positive mindset. Alarming, especially when you hear that the influence of these negative thoughts reaches way further than just ‘not feeling well’. However, this negative mindpower fortunately can be changed to a positieve mindpower. It was an informative and inspiring day full of wonder about what you can achieve with your power of mind.
When I went home after the workshop, I immediately and full of confidence started to put into practice what I had learned and convinced myself that I would feel great the next day. And indeed, the day after I really felt, for the first time in months, good: the physical complaints that had bothered me daily for weeks are gone. Tensions and troubles had vanished. Not only the next morning, but also now, two weeks later.
Now I am ready for the next step in the manifestation of my wishes. Thank you so much, Pascale, for your vision and your wisdom. I will surely attend your next workshop!’ -Monique

‘This workshop has a very promising title, that also really captures the spirit of the day. Pascale told her story about positive energy and strength with a lot of passion and pleasure. How can you use these consciously? I learned how I can make my most beautiful dreams come true and even made a mental trip to my deepest wish, which I saw vividly in my mind. A wonderful moment that I cherish. I went home beaming, full of beautiful energy with a big smile on my face ánd with practical tools that I already use every day!’ -Bernice