What are you waiting for?

Yes, what is it that we are waiting for anyway? Everyone has a wish or a dream, small or big, which one wants to see fulfilled. And yet most people don’t even take a first step to realise their dream although life is short and vulnerable. So why don’t we act to change jobs, make this trip around the world or start our own business? The answer? Because we let ourselves be ruled by limiting thoughts – fed by fear – that keep us from leading our best lives. That’s why, in Pascale’s lectures and workshops, she takes you with her in the wonderful world of thought, because that is where all begins and ends. All your thoughts, conscious and subconconscious, pave the way of life you now follow and have brought you to this very moment here and now. This is exactly how the universal law of nature, the Law of Atttraction, works: every subject you focus on, expands and attracts like subject. When you realise this, you become aware that you should preferably think about what you welcome into your life (perfect Health, your dreamjob, a well filled bankaccount) and not about what you don’t want. Or worse, what you are afraid of (terrible discases, being fier, bitter poverty).
In case you finally feel ready to: escape a life that just continues to float numbly in the status quo, break the negative spiral or really take concrete steps toward making your dream come true? Then consider booking Pascale for a lecture or workshop via info@pascalebruinen.com.
‘Speech is a window on the soul’