Article published in De Limburger

Today, my article on the placebo-effect was published in De Limburger. Read (in Dutch) how your mind influences your body.Article published with consent of De Limburger.

Interview in regional newspaper De Limburger

Today, a short interview with me is published in regional newspaper De Limburger for the section ‘Getting up with…’. A big thank you to journalist Ivar Hoekstra for the text and photographer Harry Heuts for the picture! Nice atmosphere picture complete with my PJ-pants full of owls…

Interview and fotoshoot for De Limburger

Just had an interview and fotoshoot for the Saturday magazine of daily regional newspaper De Limburger. The article is part of a series called ‘Getting up with…’, that’s why I’m in my PJs 🙂 Big thanks to journalist Ivar Hoekstra and photographer Harry Heuts.

Date of publication is not set yet; probably Saturday 24th of February or Saturday the 3rd of March.



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