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The Year of the Owl now available as English ebook!

Pascale’s second book The Year of the Owl is available in English as an ebook!

In The Year of the Owl Pascale describes the remarkable things that happened to her after the death of her father. After an intense mourning period she finally managed to overcome the worst of her sadness and grief. Then she had a miraculous spiritual experience which marked a paradigm shift in her thinking – both in her personal and professional life. Whereas first she would say ‘seeing is believing’, she now knows that it is the other way around: you first have to believe something in order to subsequently see it.

This magical event has transformed her forever and eventually even made her quit her job as a public prosecutor in order to follow her writer’s heart.

The Year of the Owl is now available as ebook on amazon.com and in Kindle! If you want to buy the English ebook, please click here. For the Amazon  author page, please click here.

My second book is now available in English!

As of today, my second book – originally titled ‘Het jaar van de uil’ – is available in English on amazon!
Click here for a free preview.
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Live interview by Karenanna Knopper

Friday 22 February 2019 I’ll be interviewed by Karenanna Knopper about my transformation from prosecutor to writer and public speaker. I’ll talk about my books ‘Fortunately, my first corpse is fresh’ and ‘The year of the owl’ and my fascination with the power of the human mind. The interview will start at 12.30 pm. If you’d like to watch it, please tune in to Karenanna Knopper’s Facebook Page or YouTube channel!

Participation in InFo Day to promote health

Sunday 27 January 2019 from 11 a.m. until 4 pm I will be participating in the InFo Day to promote health in ‘t Sjtaater Hoes Partycentrum in Kerkrade. A wonderful initiative of Lieky van der Velden, who manages several support groups, to exchange information and personal experiences, thus stimulating people to take charge of their own health!

As a writer, speaker and experience expert in the field of mind power, the mind-body connection and self healing, I will be present with information about my lectures and workshops that show you how to use your mind as a tool to steer your health in the most positive direction. You’ll also be able to buy a (signed) copy of my book ‘The Year of the Owl’ which describes my transformational journey from the head to the heart  due to an intense spiritual experience after my father’s passing. It eventually even led to my decision to quit my job as a public prosecutor in order to become a writer.

‘The Year of the Owl’ is an empowering book that is full of hope, love and strength. It shows that people are more resilient than they think and gives new insights into the incredible power of the human mind.

This InFo Day is for everyone who (pro)actively wants to boost their health. So come to Kerkrade on Sunday 27 th of January and be surprised by all that is offered to you!


You can now watch the booktrailer of ‘The Year of the Owl’!

After a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears, the booktrailer of ‘The Year of the Owl’ is finally ready!

Check it out here: Booktrailer of ‘The Year of the Owl’ by Pascale Bruinen

Feel like reading?

Do you feel like reading a non-fiction book?

‘Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers’ (‘Fortunately, my first corpse is fresh’) is a book about my adventures as a public prosecutor. Do you want to know how it really works in the DA’s office? What it’s like to be present at an autopsy? What it feels like to be at a bloody crime scene? This book describes murder and manslaughter cases, vice cases and how the police go under cover to solve a gruesome murdercase. But it is also a book about the doubts and dilemmas of this hectic job, about funny and sometimes even hilarious moments in court and about heartwrenching events in and outside of the courtroom. A very personal look into a world that normally remains closed. On Bol.com, the Dutch Amazon, the book gets more than 4 stars (4,2).

In ‘Het jaar van de uil’, ‘The year of the owl’, you can read about a series of miraculous events that happened to me after my father died. It’s a book about an unbreakable father-daughter bond, about resilience after having hit rock bottom and about a personal transformation process that eventually leads to my decision to leave my job as a DA in order to follow my writer’s heart. On bol.com the book gets almost the maximum amount of five stars (4,8).

According to the appreciation of readers, both books are a good choice.

Maybe you like them too! Also available as e-book (‘Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers’ € 13,99, ‘Het jaar van de uil’€ 9,99).

Dutch bookpresentation ‘The year of the owl’ in retrospect (2)

This very cute little screech owl feels well at ease next to his fellow species on the cover of my book…

Dutch bookpresentation ‘The year of the owl’ in retrospect (1)

Consider this: one author with an obsession for owls, one book about a miraculous transformation in which an owl plays the leading role and one real eagle-owl…All mixed together, you get a memorable afternoon with many a goosebumps moment  

English version of ‘Het jaar van de uil’ is ready!

The English translation of my book is ready, so now I’m going to start looking for a wonderful literary agent or publisher who believes in its international potential as much as I do. ‘The year of the owl’ is a true story about love, loss and resilience. It’s a tale that offers consolation, hope and strength. But it’s also a chronicle about the unbreakable father-daughter bond and a miraculeus event full of beauty and wonder in which an owl plays a leading role.

Thanks to the magical events described in this book, I eventually left my steady job as a public prosecutor to become a writer. I can honestly say that I have never been hampier!

So if you are thinking about following your heart but don’t know how or you do not (yet) have the courage, this book will inspire you to take a (first) step in the right direction.

The Year of the Owl handed to Deepak Chopra!

Thursday 24 May 2018 Deepak Chopra, MD, bestselling author and spiritual leader, gave a lecture in Afas Live Amsterdam entitled ‘The Healing Self’, based on his latest book. After his most interesting performance it was time for the meet & greet where he would sign his book. During this moment I handed him my book The year of the owl in the Dutch as well as the English version (which was ready that same afternoon, so just in time). The English version is still only available in A4 size paper (the search for a foreign publisher can begin only now that the whole manuscript is translated into English) but a milestone nonetheless! Deepak accepted both books gracefully and even thumbed through the English version.

Incidentally, Deepak himself is mentioned several times throughout the book because he has been a great source of inspiration during the whole transformation process. When I told him this, he had to smile.

Now it is up to the universe to decide what happens next. In any case, both books are now with Deepak. Given his busy travel schedule he’ll spend many hours on airplanes, so who knows, maybe he’ll read my book in one go during a flight :-).

I owe many thanks to Wesley Broekhoven of B-en Vertalingen (B-en Translations) in Rotterdam who has made a really wonderful English translation of my book, a great feat. Wesley, no one could have done this better than you, you’re a star!



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