Freelance activities


Chapeau Magazine, Christie’s Real Estate Maastricht, WijLimburg, philharmonie zuidnederland,, Slachtofferhulp Nederland, Heart Systems Nederland, Wonen Meerssen. I write editorials, advertorials, columns, articles, brochures, webtexts and blogs. If you are interested, please contact me via the ‘Contact’ page. You can send me an email at and I will gladly discuss the options.

Chapeau Magazine:

Edition 3 of 2018:

Edition 2 of 2018:

Edition 1 of 2018:

Edition 6 of 2017:

Edition 5 of 2017:

Edition 4 of 2017:

Edition 3 of 2017:

Edition 6 of 2016:


Edition 5 of 2016:

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Apart from this, I have also written a series of blogs for the website of Chapeau Magazine entitled ‘Guru on Sneakers‘. With this series I want to make the concept of spirituality more accessible to a broader public. In my blogs I show the reader that we are all spiritual beings, whether we want to be or not, simply because we’re human. You can read the ‘Guru on Sneaker’ blogs also on this website, on the ‘Inspiration’ page.


WijLimburg, a platform for entrepreneurs:

philharmonie zuidnederland:

I’m very proud that I’ve been asked to write the sponsorbrochure for this wonderful philharmonic orchestra! I’ll be doing the interviews in April 2018.

Inspirerend Leven:

For this beautiful  inspirational website I have written a series of blogs (in Dutch) about my book The year of the owl. 


Slachtofferhulp Nederland:

For the website of the national organisation that helps victims of crimes, accidents etc. I have written a series of blogs (in Dutch). Please visit the link:


Heart Systems Nederland:

For this organisation that specializes in personal growth and development, I have edited the foldertext (in Dutch).

Wonen Meerssen:

I write regularly a column (in Dutch) for the magazine ‘Info’ of this housing association, like this one:’De toiletprofessor’.


Column in second largest national newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’

From September 2012 until January 1st 2016 I have written a weekly column about my (former) job as a public prosecutor in ‘Algemeen Dagblad’. And so I became the first Dutch magistrate ever to write in such a personal way about the emotional side of this hectic but ever so rewarding job. On January 1st 2016, I stopped doing this because from that moment onwards, I had left my job as district attorney in order to follow my writersheart. 

Articles for Fabulous Mama Magazine

I have written several articles for Fabulous Mama Magazine about my work as a public prosecutor with regard to children as perpetrators and as victims of crimes. The articles are in Dutch and you can read them here.

Articles Fabulous Mama Magazine