In June 2021 Pascale’s third book, ‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’ (Self recovery from within. Optimize your health with your thoughts, feelings and convictions) will be published at AnkhHermes Publishers.

In a time where medical costs are spinning out of control, self management and integrative medicine are on the rise and medical options are exhausted at some point, is is now more important than ever to use those resources that everyone has naturally: an especially powerful tool that is capable of great accomplishments in the field or our health. That tool is your thinking, feeling and imagination. Because it is there, in the domain of your mind, that you can find the main entrance to the self healing capacities of your body.

For whom?

‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit’ is for everyone who:

  • wants to know what biological effects thoughts, feelings and convictions have on your health and longevity;
  • wants to have a more positive mindset;
  • is healthy and wants to stay that way;
  • experiences a health setback and wants to learn how to become their own placebo;
  • is chronically ill and wants to improve their situation;
  • wants to boost their immune system in a natural way, for instance cancer patients;
  • is waiting for surgery, medical treatment or a test result and wants to prepare themselves in an optimal way;

The book is based on scientific research that concludes that you have more influence on your health than you think! If you want to read the book (in Dutch), please click here.

If you want to become active and improve your own health, this is the book for you!

Singing of the bookcontract

On October 1st 2021, I signed the book contract with AnkhHermes, this time digitally due to the covid-19 crisis.

Here, you see me signing the actual book contract online:

Video1 and Video2