No one else can speak the words on your lips…“. That’s a line from Natasha Bedingfield’s song, “Unwritten“, and I feel it captures perfectly what being a speaker is all about; making a story personal enough for you to be the only one who is capable of telling it, and no one else.

Because I’ve made a radical carreerswitch in order to make my dream of being a writer come true, I am an expert out of personal experience. As such, I want to use my motivational speeches to share my journey, tips and advice with regard to how I’ve overcome my fears (yes, I also had them!) that kept me from moving toward my goal. And I’ll reveal which practical and financially riskless steps you can take on your way to your new future in order to (re)find passion, meaning and happiness in your life.

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Pascale Bruinen has a compelling and beautiful story to tell about how you can live your dreams at age fifty.” Emile Hollman, journalist and writer


9 January 2017: lecture for Van Ede & Partners, Eindhoven ‘A journey from the head to the heart. How I went from being a rational public prosecutor to being a spiritual writer.’


Pascale did a lecture at the New Year’s event of Van Ede & Partners in Eindhoven in which she shared her journey from rational public prosecutor to spiritual writer and inspirer. She sure knew how to touch me with her story and the way she told it. A beautiful experience to not only hear but also feel her development. She was authentic, open and warm.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Cora van de Put, mediator, coach, intervision counselor at CouR Consult

‘Pascale’s lecture was really riveting and inspiring. She shared how she – as a rational human being – learned to embrace spirituality. An exciting, personal and convincing story. A lot op people are averse to spirituality, but she talks in such a way that even these people listen breathlessly. Worth repeating! Superb! ‘Henri-Jan Staal

‘Pascale takes you with her on her special journey, one that doesn’t happen in the outside world, but is a trip from the head to the heart. And as with every unforgettable adventure, she experiences excitement, big challenges, confusion, an abyss of fear and sorrow but also surprising insights, ideas and encounters that are extraordinarily beautiful. 

In her lecture she talks animatedly and with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor about her search for pureness, connection and the true self she really is. About how a touching event rocks her life so hard, that her legal head becomes a beautiful spiritual heart.

I recommend this lecture to anyone who finds himself at an ‘intersection’ and really dares to choose for himself!’ Yvonne Kemp

‘Pascale Bruinen talks openly about how she made the switch from public prosecutor – who had to prove everything in order to be true –  to spiritual writer – for whom everything is true until proven otherwise. 

A search for herself, meaning and Connection between people, nature and which part she plays therein. 

The story about the owl really touched me. Pascale shows that the story comes from her deepest self, there is room for emotion without becoming overbearing. That’s why she’s able to touch people deeply, without losing sight of the storyline.

The journey from the head to the heart is a story for everyone, a true inspiration for many!’ Bianca van Kaathoven

‘On the 9th of January I attended, together with two colleagues of Forza Asset Management, a presentation of Pascale Bruinen. We were invited by Van Ede & Partners Eindhoven, who had asked Pascale to give a speech at their New Years event. As loyal watcher of ‘Opsporing Verzocht’ (a tv-programme where one tries to find the people who committed serious crimes)  I thought it was great that they had chosen a former public prosecutor and was very curious to hear the trilling stories of someone who has seen a lot of the criminal world.

Somewhat disappointed I noticed that Pascale’s story soon took a turn in the sense that she talked mostly about her spiritual and emotional experiences during the search for a new meaning in her life. This disappointment soon changed to complete focus on her story.

By her vivid descriptions of her feelings and the context in which these feelings take place, Pascale sure knows how to take her audience with her. In the moment that Pascale spoke of feeling closed off or the feeling that she was missing something, I could really relate to that. The 45 minutes of her presentation passed very quickly, and I was very touched by her story of the beautiful owl in the tree of her garden. I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Pascale because she shared her experiences and her emotions with me. My sincere compliments  for the way you do this, Pascale!’

Robert Betsch, Forza Asset Management

* 27 May 2016: “Het roer om: hoe ik van een strenge officier van justitie een kwetsbare schrijver werd” (“Changing course: how I went from being a tough public prosecutor to a vulnerable writer”), Vrouwen@Wurfeld in Maaseik, Belgium.


“Apart from your workexperiences your personal story really touched me. You’re not afraid to show your vulnerability and that makes you strong”. Vera Kicheleer, Bizzpepper

“I have listened to your story with full attention. I really think it is very courageous that you have dared to make these choices in order to follow your dream. We all have our dreams but only few of us will dare to make the choice you made. That deserves my respect and shows you’re a woman of courage. Your story was very clear with nice visual support and straight from the heart. I’m also very curious about your second book, the journey after the death of your father. I think you are on the right track and you do everything with a lot of passion and conviction. Respect!”  Vivian Mengelers, director V2B Advice and Consultancy

“Interesting story that captivates. I clearly see your point: dare to be vulnerable (also as a strong woman) and dare to make your dreams come true! ” Pauline Smeets, Concerndirector Zorgbedrijf Volwassenen bij GGZ-instelling Mondriaan. President of FAM! Former member of Parliament for PvdA (socialist party)

* 17 March 2016: “Een frisse wind uit andere hoek” (“A breath of fresh air from a different quarter”), a lecture for 600 care workers at the Planetree Conference in Nieuwegein. My presentation was about the importance of having the courage to embrace vulnerability, which I illustrated with examples drawn from my experiences as an injury lawyer, public prosecutor and author.

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“Touched by Pascale Bruinen’s story at the ‘Planetree’ conference for people oriented care. Pascale beautifully links her own growth and personal development to professionalism and the desire to make vulnerability the dominant force in boardrooms and in the work space. Pascale does this in an intense, expressive way, with a sparkle of both humour and softness. Even though Pascale has given up wearing her black robe, she has retained her unmistakeable magisterial charisma.” Danielle Braun – Corporate Anthropologist, author, speaker and Chief of the Academy of Organisational Culture

“What you told us was both interesting and inspirational, Pascale. Thank you for that!” Klaas-Jan Gorter

“I was there. Thank you for the inspiring words!” Monique Majoor, Technical Support Manager at Zorggroep Almere

* 27 January 2016: “On the other side of fear lies freedom; a true story about following your heart and making your dreams come true”, organised by Kiwanis Aruba, Oranjestad.


Reviews by members of Kiwanis Aruba:

“Gripping story, good introduction.”; “Inspiration for following my own passion.”; “Such courage, impressive.”; “Outstanding, keep up the good work!!”; “We need more people like you to tell us how to follow our heart.”; “Very good story, how do I do that?”; “I wish it was me, having the guts to just jump in at the deep end…”

“I thought it was a fascinating and topical subject. Well-presented and well-told. A theme that we all will have to deal with. How honest are you in the choices that you make? What obstacles do you make up instead of taking the bull by the horns and moving on to plan, do, check, act. I really learned a lot and will get to work. Thank you Pascale!” Marjory Clark, chairperson Kiwanis Aruba.

* 21 October 2015: “Get Inspired!”- a lecture in Maastricht organised by the Junior Chamber de Landen van Overmaze, titled: “What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true”.



“An inspiring evening hosted by a lively, ambitious young woman who told us her story of how, after several years of doubt, she eventually found the courage to change the course of her life. She started pursuing her passion of writing in addition to her career as a public prosecutor by writing blogs and a column in a local newspaper and publishing a book. Her advice was, if you have a dream, don’t wait until it’s too late, but follow your feelings and your passion. That’s the road to success. Life is too short! Try before you die! She did however remark that in order to really change your life, you really need some form of financial security if you’re not just responsible for yourself but also for a family, house, etc. Pascale for instance was able to combine her passion with her judicial job. All in all an absolutely inspirational evening that sparked quite a bit of self-reflection. Highly recommended!” Vivian van Thoor, Member of De Landen van Overmaze

“Reading your book “Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers” gave me answers to many questions surrounding your (former) profession. How you, as a wife and a mother, experienced a role as public prosecutor. How you assist victims, often with the interest of the children in mind. Particularly because of my job, caring for vulnerable children, you piqued my interest. But to me, the many answers you gave prompted a crucial question about you. How do you in this brutal world deal with your own dreams. I was fortunate to be in a position to attend one of your lectures, “What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true.” A lecture that provided great insight in how to realize your own dream, and that came with inspiring tips. Just like with your book, I have again soaked up your experiences. And your tips. You have succeeded…it has have given me food for thought. Next year, I’ll let you know how far I’ve come!” Thea Coolen, Manager Ronald McDonald Kindervallei


The subjects of my lectures, which I give in both Dutch and English, are about personal growth and changes of perspective.

Below you find an overview of the themes with a brief explanation of each theme:

* Vulnerability = Strength. This lectures explains my gradual transition from an extremely private person to radical openness in terms of emotions and divulging personal matters. The added value is that the public learns how much this openness has brought me. This theme is intended to inspire people to show themselves the way they really are.

* What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true. We all know them. People who would like to get everything out of their lives that they possibly can but lack the courage to do so. After changing my own life around on 1 January 2016, when I quit my job as public prosecutor so I could follow my heart as a writer and speaker, I, myself, am the best example of someone who has the courage to realise their dreams. In this presentation I make short shrift with all the stories and excuses, and share my advice and tips on how you can finally take real action to make your dream come true.

* The power of slashing or: how do I responsibly build a parallel career? Based on my own experiences – I have built my career as writer step by step over more than four years in addition to my regular job as public prosecutor – I hold a passionate plea for not doing just one and the same thing for your whole life, but rather to start slashing: combining completely different (paid or unpaid) jobs that do justice to all your various talents.

Naturally, depending on the client’s concrete wishes, a lecture tailored to the specific requirements of the client is also possible.

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Here you can see the videoclip of Nickelback’s ‘What are you waiting for?’-song, to remind you that you really have to take action in order to follow your dreams…

“Speech is a window on the soul.”