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Oh boy, where to begin. I collect slashes, as you’ll see in just a moment. Put differently, I like to combine and try to excel in many different activities at once. So, get to know me as a writer/blogger/public speaker/motivator/former TV co-host/former public prosecutor with a distinctive preference for owls (if you want to know why this is so, I’m afraid you’ll have to read my book ‘Het jaar van de uil’ or in English ‘The year of the owl’).

Photography: Suzanne Rensink


Photography: Toni Ribas


I’m the author of Het jaar van de uil (The year of the owl) and Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers (Fortunately, my first corpse is fresh). 

afbeelding-7img_3003        Afbeelding

I started writing in 2011 to vent my creativity. I quickly noticed how happy it made me. What I especially enjoy is when I get to change people’s perspectives, or have them tear up from laughter or a much deeper emotion. I want my fruits of writing to deeply touch those who catch them. That’s what does it for me. But writing has given me more. It has introduced me to people that I now hold very dear, it has added balance to my life and I am now a much more open person. Thanks to all this, I am much more receptive to all the good things life has to offer.

On October 25th 2016 I published my second book, Het Jaar van de Uil (The Year of the Owl, Kosmos Publishers), a true story. It deals with a very remarkable experience after my father passed away. An experience that threw my personal and professional life upside down and marked a paradigm shift in my thinking. Whereas first I would believe nothing until proven true, since that experience I believe everything until proven false.The book describes how I left the mourning process as a different person, and that my father’s intensely sad death also quite unexpectedly led to beautiful things in my life. This personal development process has been of incredible value to me, and above all, it made me see myself anew. No longer was the real me in hiding. It was a major catalyst in my decision to leave the Public Prosecution Service and instead go where my heart would take me. So my second book is not only very comforting and hopeful, it’s also very personal; a fairy-tale-like true story that I love to share with others. The book gets very good reviews (you can check them out at the ‘Writer’ page of this website).

My first published book appeared at De Fontein Publishers in 2015, Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers, (Fortunately my first corpse is fresh), a very personal insight into my life as a public prosecutor with true stories from the exciting world of criminal law. This book received considerable acclaim, generated quite a media buzz and is currently in its 4th edition.

Freelance writing activities:

  • Chapeau Magazine, a magazine about the good life in Limburg and the Euregio
  • Christie’s Real Estate Maastricht
  • philharmonie zuidnederland
  • Slachtofferhulp Nederland, a national organization for victims
  • InspirerendLeven.nl, an inspiring online platform for conscious living and spirituality
  • WijLimburg, an online platform for entrepreneurs
  • Heart Systems Nederland, an organization that offers training in NLP and communication
  • Wonen Meerssen, an organization that rents houses

In case you are also interested in my writing skills and in need of columns, articles, editorials, advertorials, blogs, interviews, brochures, editing or otherwise, please contact me at info@pascalebruinen.com and together we’ll explore the possibilities!

From September 2012 until January 2016  I wrote a weekly column about my former job as a public prosecutor in the Algemeen Dagblad, the second largest national newspaper in the Netherlands. I also wrote four articles about Young victims and perpetrators for Fabulous Mama Magazine, a glossy magazine for parents of young children.

For more information, reviews of my books and digital reading opportunities, please visit the ‘Writer’page on this website, but you can also view my official author page on Facebook. You can find the link at the bottom left of my website (PascaleBruinenOfficial).

Tip: you could also check out my websites www.coolcolumns.com (where you’ll find lots of columns) and www.cruisecraver.com (an infotainment site about cruise-vacations).My website has a link to both blogs, but you can also find them on Facebook.


Next to that, I am an inspiring speaker with a passion for connection. Writing is a beautiful yet lonesome profession, so I combine it with giving lectures. I give motivational speeches, as nothing fulfils me more than inspiring people to follow their heart and make the most of their lives. Just like I do. If you want to book me as a speaker, please contact speaker agencies ZijSpreekt, Speakers Academy or Huibers Booking Agency. For more info about the available options, please feel free to contact me directly at info@pascalebruinen.com. For more details, please see the ‘Speaker’ page.


I’m always looking for all things beautiful and positive; messages that touch me or make me happy; whatever brings a smile to my face. Because: “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.”

Now, these can be all sorts of things. A beautiful photo. Optimistic newspaper articles. An interview with a super zealous person. A life-changing book. A beautiful saying. Loving acts or gestures. Meaningful initiatives. Or a nice exchange with a stranger. In short, this is where I will share everything that inspires me or gives me hope and happiness.

On this ‘Inspirer’ page you’ll also find my interviewseries entitled ‘Drijfveren’ (‘Motives’) in which I talk to successful and inspiring women and men. I ask them why they are successful, what makes them happy and what they think that life really is all about. This series is in Dutch.


Photography: Roy Wanders


Following my Dutch Law studies in Nijmegen, I stayed there for another two years to teach International Law and Law of International Organisations. I then left for Los Angeles, working as a litigation paralegal at a major law firm that specialised in (gee!) entertainment law (for anyone over 40: think “LA Law” but without handsome Harry Hamlin).

After saying my goodbyes to the city of angels I worked for some seven years as a lawyer specialising in personal injury cases. In that capacity I’ve assisted numerous victims of medical, occupational and traffic accidents.

In 1998 I made the switch to the Public Prosecution Service to become a public prosecutor. I’ve taken countless suspects to criminal court, directed the police in criminal investigations and I ensured that many victims were given a voice and were successful in their damage claims. My professional affinity was victim support and sexual/domestic violence; portfolios that I’ve managed for many years.

Yet, as of 1 January 2016, I decided to never again wear the black robe, as it was time to move on.


Twenty-five years as a legal professional left me curious about other pastures. Greener or not, my recent personal development brought me new challenges that I’m intending to tackle. Writing is one of those challenges, an activity I’ve long considered more than just an enjoyable pass-time. At first, it was mostly a counterweight to all the sad and horrible things I dealt with as a public prosecutor. But after some time, writing became above all a beautiful way to connect to others; an urge that has increased ever since. This website, my blogs and my Facebook pages will hopefully strengthen that sense of connection.


Photography: Roy Wanders


Photography: Roy Wanders

What else is there to know about me:

I live together with a wonderful, caring man that I love very much. Our family has three children: I am mother to a son, daughter and a bonus son (thanks to my partner). All three of them have moved out by now. Fortunately, I keep myself busy enough to not suffer from empty nest syndrome, but that’s not to say I don’t appreciate them visiting. We regularly lure them in with promises of good food (sons) and shopping sprees (daughter, preferably with me paying for it).

The words energetic, open and emphatic are no mismatches when it comes to labelling me. I try to avoid vague uses of language and I really like humour, especially self-mockery. I have no qualms with taking a pioneering role thanks to my passionate, enthusiastic and service-oriented mind-set. I also have really good knowledge of people, I’m a good listener and I’m not afraid of putting myself out there. My generous ‘goodwill’ factor means I’m happy when I enable others. I like being creative and innovative. I simply devour whatever book is in front of me, a home with no books is like a body with no soul. I’m also not too shabby at speaking English, French, German and Italian, and my Spanish does OK.

I have a large sense of justice. This feeling permeates my life and work in wanting to do good things for others in whatever way possible. So, unsurprisingly, my motto here is “Work is love made visible“.

I’m someone with a deep belief in the mind-body-spirit connection. My years of legal experience have shaped me to think business-oriented and analytically, but I’m also a feelings person to the core . On one hand, I like staying at home, but on the other hand I have strong wanderlust and I enjoy being social. I’m ambitious, but not at any cost and certainly never at the expense of others. I just as much love the hustle and bustle of a major city (which energises me) as I do the serenity of nature (which I respect).

In short, contradictions galore and I’m proud of it.

One remarkable experience after the death of my father has sparked my interest in anything to do with personal growth and spirituality. Whereas first I would believe nothing until proven true, since that experience I believe everything until proven false.

My remarkable career path resulted in being nominated for the Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s Woman of the Year 2015 Award (Dutch edition).

Curious? Please feel free to browse around my website.

Photography: Suzanne Rensink

Feet on the ground, eyes on the stars.”