Pascale Bruinen is writer, public speaker and mental coach. In June 2021 she has published her third book at AnkhHermes Publishers: ‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’ (Selfrecovery from within. Optimize your health with your thought, feelings and convictions).

On January 1st 2016, after eighteen years of serving as a public prosecutor, she gave up her job in order to follow her writer’s heart. She writes about mental management, the mind-body connection and the self healing capabilities of the body. On these themes she also gives lectures and workshops. She focusses on how to consciously use your power of thoughts, feelings and imagination in order to steer your health and life in the best possible direction. A positive mindset is very important for a flourishing existence!

Scientific research

Because of her academic background, Pascale uses the latest scientific insights so her blogs, workshops and lectures all have a solid knowledge foundation.

Expert by experience

Next to that, she is an expert by experience in the field of self healing.

Pascale’s experience with self healing

Several years ago, Pascale unexpectedly had to undergo a major surgery of which the good or life threatening result would only become clear during the operation. In the two and a half weeks leading up to her surgery, she included everything she had learned about physical and mental well-being into a balanced program that had only one goal: to generate the best possible outcome. Thanks to her combination of wholesome foods, exercise, daily walks, warm social contacts, laughing as much as possible, reading inspiring and uplifting books, loving self care, meditations, affirmations and visualizations, she was able to arrive top fit and full of confidence in the operating room.

She didn’t only get the best possible outcome, but to the astonishment of her doctors and nurses she didn’t even need any painkillers after her surgery, not even an Advil! This happened even though her anesthesiologist had warned her beforehand that she would need to have extra painkillers administered via an epidura.

She also recovered very fast, exactly like she had envisioned so lively beforehand.

This way, she has experienced first hand the self-healing powers of the body. Moreover, she has discovered that your beliefs, your deepest – conscious but more often subconscious – convictions shape your health and life.

Connecting link between head and heart

As a former prosecutor, Pascale is the perfect connecting link between the world of ratio (the head) and the world where all the magic happens (the heart). It is for good reason that her slogan on this website reads: Feet on the ground, eyes on the stars. Pascale brings these topics to the attention in her own unique way: fresh, not woolly and often with a healthy dose of humor.

Photography: Roy Wanders

Academie voor Zelfherstel (Academy for Self Recovery)

Pascale is owner of the Academie voor Zelfherstel, an online knowledge center for all evidence based self recovery interventions.

Curious? Click here for the website of the Academie voor Zelfherstel (in Dutch).


Pascale has written three books.

‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’

In June 2021 Pascale’s third book has been published at AnkhHermes Publishers: ‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit: optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’ (Selfrecovery from within. Optimize your health with your thoughts, feelings and convictions).

‘Zelfherstel van binnenuit’ is for everyone who:

  • wants to know what biological effects thoughts, feelings and convictions have on your health and longevity;
  • wants to have a more positive mindset;
  • is healthy and wants to stay that way;
  • experiences a health setback and wants to learn how to become their own placebo;
  • wants to boost their immune system in a natural way;
  • is waiting for surgery, medical treatment or a test result and wants to prepare themselves in an optimal way;

The book is based on scientific research that concludes that you have more influence on your health than you think! If you want to read the book (in Dutch), please click here.

‘Het jaar van de uil’

On October 25th 2016 she published her second book, Het Jaar van de Uil (The Year of the Owl, Kosmos Publishers, one of the most prestigious publishers of nonfiction in The Netherlands), a true story. It deals with a very remarkable experience after her father passed away. An experience that threw her personal and professional life upside down and marked a paradigm shift in her thinking. Whereas first she would believe nothing until proven true, since that experience she believes everything until proven false. The book describes how she left the mourning process as a different person, and that her father’s intensely sad death also quite unexpectedly led to beautiful things in her life. This personal development process has been of incredible value to her, and above all, it made her see herself anew. No longer was the real Pascale in hiding.

This experience was also a major catalyst in her decision to leave the Public Prosecution Service and instead go where her heart would take her: A journey from the head to the heart. Her second book is not only very comforting and hopeful, it’s also very personal; a fairy-tale-like true story that she loves to share with others. The book gets very good reviews (you can check them out at the ‘Writer’ page of this website).

As of October 2021, ‘The Year of the Owl’ is available as an English ebook on! Please click here for a free preview.


‘Mijn eerste lijk is gelukkig vers’

Her debut, ‘Fortunately, My First Corpse Is Fresh’ (De Fontein, an esteemed Dutch publishing house, 2015) describes her life as a prosecutor and gives a very personal insight into this rewarding but also tough job and the exciting world of criminal law. Because of her – in the legal world unprecedented – frankness, the Dutch Harper’s Bazaar magazine nominated her for the ‘Woman of the Year 2015 Award. This book received considerable acclaim, generated quite a media buzz and is currently in its 5th edition.


Public speaker and trainer

Pascale also gives inspiring lectures and workshops on mental management, the mind-body connection and the self healing capacities of the body. There is nothing that she likes better than inspiring people to follow their hearts and to live their best, healthiest, lives. Her motto? Do everything in life that makes your eyes sparkle!

If you want to book Pascale as a speaker, please contact her directly at or contact her speaker agencies ZijSpreekt or Speakers Academy. For more details on Pascale’s workshops and lectures, please see the ‘Speaker’ page.

Don’t only dream it, but actually do it!

Many people dream about a new job, traveling around the world or starting their own business. But for most of them it doesn’t go any further than this because they don’t dare to take action. Negative thought patterns, fears and limiting beliefs block the way. Because Pascale dared to make a radical career switch, she now knows like no other how to overcome these paralyzing fears (yes, she also had them!) in order to realize your dream.

Therefore she loves to help you become aware of your enormous mental power. In doing so, she hopes to inspire you to make your dreams come true and to optimize your health and well being.

For the thoughts you have today, create your reality tomorrow.

‘Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right’- Henry Ford.

Photography: Suzanne Rensink

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Feet on the ground, eyes on the stars’