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“No one else can speak the words on your lips…“. That’s a line from Natasha Bedingfield’s song, “Unwritten”, and I feel it captures perfectly what being a speaker is all about; making a story personal enough for you to be the only one who is capable of telling it, and no one else.

Nothing trumps being able to inspire people to pursue their dreams and make the most out of their lives! How many people live their lives on autopilot, just going through the motions while wanting something else entirely, not knowing how to take that first step? Maybe you recognize yourself in this example and want to take back control over your life in order to finally do the things that make your eyes sparkle? If so, I’d gladly help you with that!
Because I’ve made a radical carreerswitch in order to make my dream of being a writer come true, I am an expert out of personal experience. As such, I want to use my motivational speeches to share my journey, tips and advice with regard to how I’ve overcome my fears (yes, I also had them!) that kept me from moving toward my goal. And I’ll reveal which practical and financially riskless steps you can take on your way to your new future in order to (re)find passion, meaning and happiness in your life.
I am registered at speaker agencies ZijSpreekt, Speakers Academy and Huibers Booking Agency (for further details, please see below).

Pascale Bruinen has a compelling and beautiful story to tell about how you can live your dreams at age fifty.” Emile Hollman, journalist and writer


The subjects of my lectures, which I give in both Dutch and English, are about personal growth and changes of perspective. Below you find an overview of the themes with a brief explanation of each theme:

* The Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality. Explore the incredible power of your mind and the Law of Attraction. Learn how your (positive or negative) thoughts create the physical world around you. A lecture in which you not only gain knowledge of how the Law of Attraction works in everyday life but also get the tools to apply your new insights immediately so you can make your dreams come true.  

* Vulnerability = Strength. This lectures explains my gradual transition from an extremely private person to radical openness in terms of emotions and divulging personal matters. The added value is that the public learns how much this openness has brought me. This theme is intended to inspire people to show themselves the way they really are.

* What are you waiting for? Practical tips for making your dreams come true. We all know them. People who would like to get everything out of their lives that they possibly can but lack the courage to do so. After changing my own life around on 1 January 2016, when I quit my job as public prosecutor so I could follow my heart as a writer and speaker, I, myself, am the best example of someone who has the courage to go for it and try to realise her dreams. In this presentation I make short shrift with all the stories and excuses, and share my advice and tips on how you can finally take real action to make your dream come true.

* A journey from the head to the heart: from strict public prosecutor to spiritual writer. Here I tell my very personal story about my transformation after my father’s death, based on my book The year of the owl.

* The power of slashing or: how do I responsibly build a parallel career? Based on my own experiences – I have built my career as writer step by step over more than four years in addition to my regular job as public prosecutor – I hold a passionate plea for not doing just one and the same thing for your whole life, but rather to start slashing: combining completely different (paid or unpaid) jobs that do justice to all your various talents.

Naturally, depending on the client’s concrete wishes, a lecture tailored to the specific requirements of the client is also possible.

Are you interested in learning more about one of my motivational speeches or hiring me as a guest speaker, visiting lecturer, chairperson for the day or panel member? Please send me an email via the contact page on my website or directly get in touch with one of the speaker agencies I’m registered with:


Speakers Academy, tel. 010-4333322,

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ZijSpreekt, a speakers agency for female experts at conferences and in the media, contact person is Marga Miltenburg, +31653148796,

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Huibers Booking Agency, contact person Marjolein Huibers, + 31(0)648 676 525, She’ll help and advise in finding the perfect speaker for every venue and is known for her personal approach and fast and reliable service.