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Pascale Bruinen has a compelling and beautiful story to tell about how you can live your dreams at age fifty!’ Emile Hollman, journalist and writer

‘Wonderful how Pascale has managed to link her own growth and personal development with professionality and her wish to make vulnerability a strength in the boardrooms and in the workplace. The way Pascale does this is intense, expressive and with a sparkle of humor and softness at the same time. Pascale may have given up her   magistrate’s robe, but she certainly has kept her unmistakable magnificent charisma.’ Danielle Braun – Corporate Antropologist, author, speaker and chief of the Academy for Organisation Culture

Pascale gives lectures both in Dutch and English and is registered at speaker agencies ZijSpreekt, Speakers Academy and Huibers Booking Agency (for further contact details, please see below).

Your dream life is closer than you think!

According to Pascale, nothing trumps inspiring people to pursue their dreams and make the most out of their lives! If you’d also like to do something that makes your eyes sparkle, Pascale is more than happy to help you realize this goal!


Personal growth:

* What are you waiting for? Practical tips to realize your dreams

We all know them. People who would like to get everything out of their lives that they possibly can but lack the courage to do so. At 50, Pascale has realized her dream of writing a book. At that time, she had been a public prosecutor for 17 years. Because by then she was infected with the writing virus, she decided to make a radical career switch at 52 in order to follow her heart. So on January 1st 2016, she exchanged her steady job for a completely new life as a writer and speaker. Because Pascale knows like no other how happy one can become after taking a leap of faith, she loves to share her personal experiences, advice and tips about how she conquered the fears that held her back (yes, she also had them!) In this presentation she makes short shrift with all the stories and excuses, and teaches you how to successfully build a parallel career without financial risks.  This way, you’ll take concrete steps towards your new future in which you will (again) find passion, meaning and happiness in your life. 

* The Year of the Owl: a journey from the head to the heart

In this lecture, Pascale candidly tells her very personal story about her mourning process and total transformation after her father’s death, as described in her book The Year of the Owl. She shares how she of all people- being an accomplished and rational prosecutor who was averse to anything spiritual and who literally made a living having to prove everything beyond a shadow of a doubt – experienced an enchanting and magical occurrence that changed her whole life forever. Whereas first she would say ‘Seeing is believing’, ever since she has learned that it’s exactly the opposite: you first have to believe it, in order to subsequently see it. 

Physical and mental well-being:

* Mindpower Basics: the influence of the mind on your health and lifespan 

The power of the human mind is one of the most underestimated powers that exist. In this lecture, you’ll discover exactly how powerful it is. I’ll delve deeper into the fascinating mind-body connection and the far-reaching, positive or negative, influence of your thoughts and beliefs on your health. In this respect, I will deal with fascinating subjects like the placebo and nocebo effect and answer the question why some patients with a dire diagnosis survive and others, under the same circumstances, do not. What do those survivors have in common? Learn how you can leave your negative thoughts and limiting convictions behind in order to maximize your physical and mental wellbeing as well as your resilience.

Please note: this lecture is part of the lecture series ‘Mind over Matter’ which also consists of ‘After the diagnosis…How to optimally prepare yourself for an operation or treatment’ and ‘Mind Power Pro’, but can also be attended as an individual lecture.

* Mind Power Pro: the influence of your mind on your material reality

Get acquainted with the Law of Attraction! Learn how immaterial thoughts create your material reality. In this respect, I am an experience expert as described in my second book, The Year of the Owl. You’ll not only discover what the Law of Attraction is, but you’ll also know how it works in real life. On top of this, you’ll be shown the step-by-step plan to immediately apply all your new insights so you can transform your desire into reality.

Please note: this lecture is part of the lecture series ‘Mind over Matter’ (which also consists of ‘Mind Power Basics’ and ‘After the diagnosis…How to optimally prepare yourself for an operation or treatment’), but can also be attended as an individual lecture.

* After the diagnosis…How to optimally prepare yourself for an operation or treatment 

You’ve received bad news or you still don’t know the result of an important medical test. In both cases, it’s usually the start of a terrible waiting period before your operation or treatment starts. During this uncertain and nerve-racking time, most people suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety. This doesn’t have to be this way! When Pascale had to wait for an operation that literally could mean the difference between life or death, she decided she wanted to enter the operating room as fit as possible, both physically and mentally. For this reason, she developed a balanced program of ‘outer work’ –  healthy food, exercise, movement, relaxation, humor, immersion in nature, warm social interaction and ‘inner work’ – meditations, visualizations (using powerful images to play out a situation in the mind) and affirmations (saying positive statements out loud or writing them down) that made her feel ever more confident that she would have the best possible outcome. Pascale calls her program ‘Radically Integrative’ because it is a perfect combination of medical treatment and/or medication, healthy lifestyle choices and consciously using your mind power in order to steer your health in the most positive direction.

This experience taught her that she could influence her pain perception and recovery through mental rehearsal, a detailed visualization of the best possible outcome that is frequently used by top athletes when preparing for a game or match. After her surgery (which fortunately revealed that everything was fine), she didn’t need any pain medication whereas her anesthesiologist had given her the advice to have an epidural next to a morphine pump because of the fact that she had to undergo a major surgery. She also healed extremely rapidly. In this lecture she shares all that she did to get these results.

Please note: this lecture is part of the lecture series ‘Mind over Matter’ which also consists of ‘Mind Power Basics’ and ‘Mind Power Pro’ , but can also be attended as an individual lecture.

* Dynamic aging

Pascale’s positive and thus fundamentally different view on getting older!  In our Western culture we’ve become conditioned to think that aging means physical and mental decline as well as loneliness. Suffice it to look at the saying: ‘Old age has its infirmities’. But what If this is not true per se?  What if there is also an alternative – more beautiful – future scenario to live towards?  A lot depends on what we believe and what we believe depends a lot on our conditioning, for instance through the emphasis on the negative effects of aging by the media and the medical world. In our Western society with a rapidly aging population, there is an ever growing group that can profit from a positive take on aging. In this lecture, Pascale shares scientific research as well as inspiring examples of old people that show that it is not only feasible to stay physically and mentally fit until old age, but that it is even possible to (partly) reverse aging. And by that she doesn’t mean plastic surgery, but positive lifestyle choices and an in-love-with-life mentality.

Made to order

Naturally, depending on the client’s concrete wishes, a lecture tailored to specific requirements is also possible. All lectures can also be booked in the form of a workshop.

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