Pascale teaches her work via individual and group workshops. Usually, they are in Dutch. But on special request, Pascale is also able to do lectures and workshops in English.

Live and online

Pascale gives her workshops and individial Mind Boost Sessions in the beautiful serenity of yogastudio Yoga & More Maastricht. You can book these Mind Boost Sessies now also as online sessions. The inspiration session for entrepreneurs entitled ‘Drijfveren’, a cooperation with vitality professional Anita Verstappen and visual artist Claudia Volders, takes place in Maastricht of its surroundings.


You can also book Pascale for incompany workshops. Need more information? Contact Pascale via!

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Mental Management: Mind Boost Sessions. Learn how to use mental imagery!

Pascale also gives individual workshops for people who are interested in these subjects but are not able to come on the scheduled dates or who’d rather not attend a group workshop. These individual workshops might be especially interesting for people who are having (serious) medical issues. Maybe you are currently undergoing some kind of (invasive) medical treatment, facing surgery or dealing with a difficult diagnosis and you no longer want to live in fear but instead want to achieve a higher level of confidence and a steadfast belief in a speedy recovery. Or you’d like to learn how to do successful affirmations and visualizations in order to experience less stress, less pain and less side effects of your medication or treatment, stimulate your immune system and enhance your overall quality of life. Then Pascale’s  Mind Boost Sessions could be just the thing for you! Pascale is an expert in this field because of her own experiences in using meditation, affirmations and visualisations to positively influence her health as well as her recovery and painmanagement after a major surgery.

Should you be interested in such an individual Mind Boost Session, please contact her via and together we’ll check out the possibilities.

Please note: Mind Boost Sessions are also in English.

For a more complete overview of Pascale’s workshops, please scroll down.

Workshop ‘Zelfherstel van Binnenuit. Optimaliseer je gezondheid met je gedachten, gevoelens en overtuigingen’

The workshop based on the book with the same title! 

This group workshop (earlier called: Gedachtekracht Basis) teaches you how much influence your mindset has on your health and longevity.

Explore the intensive mind-body connection, the placebo-effect, the nocebo-effect, the feedback loop, neuroplasticity of your brain and the biological effects of meditation, affirmations and visualizations.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- (including taxes).

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

Zelfherstel van binnenuit: Individual Mind Boost Sessions 


Based on the book with the same title! 

Boost one-on-one your belief in the best possible outcome and a fast recovery and let the selfhealing capabilities of your body do their job!

Individual Mind Boost Sessies are based on Pascale’s extensive study of scientific research of the effects mindset has on the body and on her own experience.

They are especially suitable for people with (serious) medical problems who are looking for optimal trust in the best possible outcome. Maybe you have to undergo a difficult medical treatment or you’re waiting for surgery. Or you could be dealing with a serious diagnosis and you do not want to live in fear but you’d rather have a deep belief in healing and speedy recovery.

In a personal Mind Boost Session Pascale can focus on your unique situation so that you can learn what you can do to boost your confidence and become your own placebo.

Prices: both live and online sessions include a free intake by phone, customized images to use for visualization purposes and customized affirmations.

Live: € 125,- including taxes per hour. The sessions on location are – of course coronaproof – at Yogastudio Yoga & More in Maastricht.

Online: € 95,- including taxes per hour.  

Workshop ‘Leren Visualiseren!’ 

In this practical group workshop you’ll learn the principles of visualization and how to apply them yo your everyday life in order to become healthier and to easier attain your goals.

Pascale also shares her own remarkable experiences with visualization when she was waiting to have surgery. She managed to prepare herself in such a way that she has not needed any kind of pain medication afterwards. She has also recovered very quickly.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- including taxes and a free set of four different visualizations to do at home.

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

Workshop Magic of Manifestation: from Desire to Reality

In this group workshop (formerly entitled: Gedachtekracht Pro) you’ll explore the magic of manifestation: how something that starts out as a deep desire, eventually manifests in your everyday life. You’ll get to know the law of attraction and learn how to make it work for you. You’ll also become aware of the obstructions that can present themselves when you go in the direction of your dream and how to bypass those. And you’ll be getting acquainted with some principles of quantum physics like non-locality, the observer effect and the invisible field of infinite possibilities.

After this workshop you’ll be able to apply the principles of the law of attraction and, by doing so, make your dream come true.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 100,- including taxes and a free copy of Pascale’s book ‘Het jaar van de uil’.

Incompany: price to be agreed upon.

Workshop ‘MOTIVES’ – IN DUTCH!

Pascale organizes a ‘Morning of Inspiration’ (in Dutch) for entrepreneurs together with vitality expert Anita Verstappen (PreventiVIO) and visual artist Claudia Volders. During this morning, entrepreneurs are invited to reflect on their core values and deepest motives in an informal, cosy and stylish setting. Why are they doing what they are doing? What makes them happy? In what way can they put even more of their heart and soul into their company? For inspiration, Anita, Claudia and Pascale will share their journeys from the head to the heart.

Duration: four hours.

Price: € 130- including taxes.

Coaches: Anita Verstappen, Claudia Volders, Pascale Bruinen

Made to fit

Of course Pascale can also customize a group or private workshop (for those who don’t want to be in a group) to fit your special needs. In order to find out the possibilities, please contact her via